Five Rajasthani Dishes you should definitely try.

Rajasthan is a state known for its delectable cuisine. The real essence of Rajasthan cannot be gauged without trying its different delicacies. We’ve made your job easier by listing five unique and must- have Rajasthani dishes. Warning: Keep tissues handy while trying these dishes as they are overloaded with spices.

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70 years and counting: Jaipur’s famous M.I. Road Lassiwala

JAIPUR KI LASSIWALA! WAH! Well who doesn’t know about Jaipur’s Lassiwala. For years and generations almost all of us have had lassi from here. In fact, three or four more shops have come up near the original one. However, they don’t rank anywhere near the one and […]

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Here’s why we love Rawat ki Kachori…

Any travel itinerary of Jaipur is incomplete if it does not include the famous Rawat Kachori on its list. If you haven’t tried ‘Rawat ki kachori’ or got some of it packed for your ‘kachori’ craving niece in Gujarat or your family back home in Mumbai, you’re […]

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Niros: Serving sumptuous food to the city for decades.

In an age of transience, rare is a situation when the journey of a restaurant concurs with the evolution and growth of a city. Restaurants come and go, culinary preferences change over time making several eateries fade into time and oblivion. But there is one that has […]

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