5 Tips to innovate your Rakhi in 2020

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Like every other festival this year, Raksha Bandhan also promises to be a low key affair thanks to the pandemic monster looming over the world.

Our reality has changed and the concept of ‘Raksha’ is more relevant today than ever before.

In step with these special times, we urge you all to innovate this year with some handy tips to make this Raksha Bandhan count!

Tip #1 – Go Green


With more and more plastic being used in PPE kits and protective gear around the globe, let’s make the effort to cut down on global waste by being responsible about Raksha Bandhan. 

Avoid those fancy non bio-degradable materials and opt for a Seed Rakhi. It’s environment friendly and will grow into a beautiful plant. What better way to show you care than with a living, breathing symbol of your sibling bond?

Options are available on Amazon and other e-commerce sites and if you want a little more information on the concept, here’s a handy link to check out. 


Tip #2 – Safety First


Deliveries are not the safest thing right now, so make your wishes virtual. Your brother will be grateful for your protective instinct and probably much happier with a personalized digital greeting card or even a nice long chatty email.  Of course, a virtual meeting is the best! Whether you Zoom your wishes to him, WhatsApp a greeting card/video, or Hangout with her, reaching out to your sibling is that much easier today. So plan some virtual family time and if you’re artistically inclined, check out https://www.canva.com/ for some cute Raksha Bandhan greeting card templates.

Tip #3It’s the Thought that Counts.


In CoronaKaal, no sisters are expecting their brothers to go out and brave the viral monster in malls and stores. So what if you can’t get the usual extravagant gifts for your precious sis, it’s clearly the ‘Thought’ that counts. Innovate with your Rakhi gifts this year. Handmade is great, as is Virtual. If you must buy – Buy Local! That will support your local industry and economy too, not to mention limit the carbon footprint and be environment friendly. Some great gift ideas – Enroll her in an online class (there are so many to choose from these days) for something she wanted to learn but never had the time for before or gift her a subscription to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, etc so that she can catch up n all her favourite movies, TV shows and books. 

Tip #4Personalize


In our materialistic world, the personal gesture has completely disappeared. No more letters, no handmade and homemade. Everything we eat, drink, wear and use is factory made, store bought and completely devoid of sentiment. So all you sisters out there, here’s the time to get creative. Pull out your mother’s sewing kits and dust off those oven mitts. This is the year to show your brother how much you care. Hand knit sweaters (or start with a muffler, maybe) for the coming winter, made with love cupcakes, cookies, brownies or just an old-fashioned chocolate cake, even a cartoony sketch or caricature (read super cool portrait for those who can actually paint) are all great ideas for personalized gifts. Go for it and get creative!

Tip #5Invest in Her Future


Brothers big or small, Raksha Bandhan is all about security, right? So here’s a cool way you can keep your precious sisters safe and secure. Start a savings account for your sis and invest whatever little (or lot) you can for her every Rakhi. Even investing in Mutual Funds or a Medical Insurance Scheme for them is a good way to ensure that their future is secure. Much better than temporary gifts or corporate gift baskets, don’t you think? 

So these are our 5 handy Raksha Bandhan tips. What do you think? Rakhi worthy enough?

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