5 Winter Accessories you must have in your wardrobe this season

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As we enter the Winter season it’s time to look at our wardrobes and update the current trends and styles. We’re not suggesting on how to get started to change your entire closet but maybe find that one statement piece that brings out the oomph factor to create your ultimate winter look.

  1. Plaid Scarf

A thick and long plaid scarf can be wrapped around your neck and shoulders intricately to not just keep you warm and toasty against the winter chill but also give  a chic vibe.

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  1. Beret

A style right off the runway, this French hat is the perfect addition to your closet this Winter. From celebrities like Rihanna to supermodels like Bella Hadid, the beret has proved time and again to be one of the most versatile headgears. Available in a variety of fabrics like leather, suede, wool and vibrant shades and colors, the beret can be style either 3/4th way off your forehead or sitting directly atop your head.

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  1. Leather Gloves

This snug accessory will provide you warmth and style all winter long. A sure shot trendsetter gloves can be bought in a variety of colours like beige, cherry red, slate grey, coffee brown and of course the classic black.

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  1. Printed Woollen Socks

Give your feet a long and luxurious life by cradling them in cute and quirky printed woollen socks this winter. Knee, shin or ankle length, these socks can be paired with runners, oxfords or for wearing at home.


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  1. Suede Boots

Stylish but comfortable, suede boots are the perfect addition to your winter closet. With a variety of styling options, suede boots can be paired perfectly with dresses, pants or even skirts.

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