50 art works of 25 artists on display at ‘Splashes of Art’ exhibition

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“As a child, it was almost an everyday ritual for me and my family to visit temples and pray. The highlight of my visit to the temples would be the ringing of the bell and the sound of ‘ohm’. These calming sounds and vibrations used to fill my body with sheer joy and positivity. These are the emotions that I have translated in my art works”, shares Aditi Gemini, an artist from Ahmedabad who has made a series of paintings depicting vibrant temple bells and her spiritual and religious journey. Her works are currently being exhibited at the week-long art exhibition, ‘Splashes of Art – A Journey of Aesthetics’ being held at the WelcomArt Gallery of ITC Rajputana. Curated by Pallavi Baheti and organized by Hem Rana and Jasbeer Kaur, the exhibition has on display as many as 50 paintings and sculptures of around 25 artists from across the country.

Similarly, artist Atul Gendle from Pune also takes inspiration from his childhood days in the village ‘Beed’ in Maharashtra. His serene landscapes coupled with subtle and earthy tones show how the peace of nature is subjugated by everyday life.

Artist Kavita Rathore from Jaipur also showcases her childhood obsession with iconic classic cars in her paintings. Her works explore vintage cars in contemporary backgrounds.

On the other hand, Abhijit Biswas from Kolkata creates life-like paintings of the ghats of Varanasi. Even though the artist has never been to the spiritual capital of the country, a closer look at his paintings makes the viewers even understand the fleeting movement of a residing sunset being captured.

While Kirti Yadav from Alwar has tried to give a glimpse into the spiritual journey and mindset of a sadhu in her creations, Yashpal Kamble from Mumbai exhibits his love and admiration for powerful and sturdy horses through his paintings.

Giving a platform to young artists

“In over 22 years of my curatorial experience, I have realized that the right kind of exposure is extremely significant for young artists. Through this exhibition we have tried to give a platform to them as well as acquaint the art lovers of the Pink City with diverse art works from different cities of India”, shares Hem Rana.

Elaborating on the same sentiment, General Manager, ITC Rajputana, Rishi Mattu says: “Through WelcomArt, we strive to give recognition to the art as well as the artists. The focus is primarily on giving a platform to the young artists for exhibiting their work.

The exhibition was inaugurated on 20 March by Bina Kak, Ranoo Nathany Srivastava and Sudhir Mathur and will be on till 26 March.

Date: 20 March – 26 March
Time: 11 am to 7 pm
Venue: WelcomArt Gallery, ITC Rajputana

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