‘After Eight’: Contemporary cocktails & continental classics, served with a twist!

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The ‘After Eight’ lounge and bar is a trendy new addition to the historic Mandawa Haveli, one of the city’s oldest heritage hotels located at Sansarchandra Road.

Serving ‘continental food with a twist’, the Lounge & Bar is an elegant space which has been designed in the French Colonial style. Elegant gold and olive-green accents abound across the space and are stylishly complemented by the floral artwork in the arches and the generous use of beveled mirrors.

A variety of finger foods and small plates are on the menu all week, but on the weekends, a special menu of signature delicacies to Jaipurites.

Continental Classics like Grilled Salmon and Pork Belly are part of their signature dishes menu. And lest the vegetarians despair, all the regular favorites like Mezze Platters, Bruschettas, Burgers and Quesadillas are all part of their extensive menu.

Their signature drink, ‘Shivaay’ is a flavourful mix of strawberries, kafir lime and fragrant lemongrass; and is just one among a myriad of classic and contemporary cocktails and mocktails they serve here.

So, all those Jaipurites looking for a new place to hang out – visit this elegant new watering hole soon. The relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful vintage setting make this the perfect new choice for your next Date Night!

For reservations or more information, call Mandawa Haveli at +91 141 510 6081.

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