Akshardham Temple, Jaipur Overview, and Everything To Know

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Otherwise called Swaminarayan Temple, Akshardham Temple in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is committed to Lord Narayan or Lord Vishnu and is prestigious for its shocking design and social legacy. Although the development is somewhat later, the nurseries and the perspectives are what draw in sightseers and enthusiasts to this spot. 

It gives a window into the Hindu culture and its improvement in the locale the perplexing houses a glorious sanctuary encompassed by very much kept arranged nurseries. Situated in the core of the city of Jaipur, Akshardham Temple is one of the holiest and most famous spots in the area. 

Akshardham Temple in Jaipur is The Best Place To Visit in Jaipur

Akshardham Temple is one of the nine sanctuaries worked in some significant urban communities in India. These sanctuaries were worked by Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan under the Sanstha, Swaminarayan Sampraday, which was set up in the mid-twentieth century by Swami Ramanand

The Akshardham Temple in Jaipur is committed to Lord Vishnu while different sanctuaries are devoted to other Hindu Gods. However, every one of the sanctuaries are known as the Akshardham Temple, Swaminarayan Temple, or Swaminarayan Akshardham in the particular regions. 

History of the Temple 

The Akshardham Temple in Jaipur is definitely not an antiquated sanctuary and was constructed at some point between the late twentieth century and mid 21st century. The spot of love goes under the Nar Narayan Dev Gadi, which is one of the two fundamental seats that structure the Sampraday. 

The settle is situated in Ahmedabad (Shri Swaminarayan Mandir). At the point when the sanctuaries were set up, Swaminarayan asked his took on children, Ayodhya Prasadji and Raghu Veerji, to attract parts to have the option to name the Acharyas to the Nar Narayan and the Lakshmi Narayan Dev Gadi.

The result was – Ayodhya Prasadji would be the primary Acharya of the Nar Narayan Dev Gadi and Raghu Veerji, the Acharya of Lakshmi Narayan Gadi. Since the time the arrangement, both the acharyas are loved routinely at the particular sanctuaries. 

Akshardham Temple Timings 

Open from Tuesday to Sunday 

  • 07:30 AM to 12:00 PM IST 
  • 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM IST 

Akshardham Temple Pooja and Aarti Timings

  • Mangala Aarti – 6:00 AM IST 
  • Shangar Aarti – 7:30 AM IST 
  • Rajbhog Aarti – 11:15 AM IST 
  • Sandhya Aarti – 7:00 PM IST 
  • Shayan Aarti – 8:00 PM IST 

Engineering of the Temple 

The sanctuary has a customary Hindu Temple Architecture with a sanctum sanctorum in the focal point of the 23-section of land sanctuary complex. The construction is made of Pink Sandstone and White Marble and stands on a raised stage, strikingly, in the center of delightfully arranged nurseries with wellsprings. 

A stairwell prompts the primary corridor of the sanctuary that bears conventional shikharas, luxuriously beautified models, compositions, and complex stone carvings.

The vast majority of these works of art portray the tales of Lord Vishnu, the significance of the Vedas and the advancement of Hindu Culture also the lessons of Swaminarayan Sampraday. 

The pillared corridors at the Akshardham Temple Complex in Jaipur are very much ventilated and deal adequate room for guests to rest other than the seats in the manicured gardens that encompass the sanctuary.

The complex likewise houses three significant mandapams – the Hari Mandapam, the Vibhuti Mandapam, and the Prasadi Mandapam. 

The Hari Mandapam has a seven-foot-tall icon of Lord Swaminarayan made of gold leaf and improved with gold and silver decorations.

The second mandapam, Vibhuti Mandapam, has metal lotuses, while the Prasadi Mandapam houses the consecrated relics of Lord Swaminarayan. There is a little bistro anywhere nearby and a jungle gym for youngsters as well.

The Most Effective Method To Reach Akshardham Temple, Jaipur 

  • Akshardham Temple is situated in the focal district of Jaipur and can be gotten to effectively by streets by means of Ajmer Road, Hawa Sadak, or the Delhi Agra Bypass Road. Public vehicles can be used to arrive at the fascination. 
  • Transports and auto carts are effectively accessible structures any piece of the city. One can likewise lease a taxi for a more agreeable ride to the sanctuary. 
  • Outstation travelers can arrive at Jaipur by streets, rail lines, or aviation routes. Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation transports utilize regularly to Jaipur. 

Explorers can land at the Sindhi Camp Bus Station and take a short ride to the sanctuary (9.5 kilometers, 20 minutes around via vehicle).

Best Time to Visit 

October to February are the greatest months to visit the sanctuary. These months mark the colder time of year season in Rajasthan. The temperature stays wonderful aside from top evenings (most extreme 31°C, least 8.5°C). December and January are the coldest months of the period. 

The mid-year season isn’t as much prescribed to vacationers on the grounds that the temperature takes off as high as 40°C.

The locale doesn’t get a great deal of precipitation as well (normal yearly precipitation 139 mm roughly), so the storms are likewise generally dry. The temperature drifts somewhere in the range of 33°C and 24°C, which is nearly more smoking than the colder time of year season.

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