Ashish Vidyarthi motivates Jaipur’s FLO ladies to inspire their peers

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Renowned Bollywood actor and motivational speaker, Ashish Vidyarthi was in the Pink City recently to address the Jaipur FLO members. In an interactive Avid Miner Pathway Conversation on the topic ‘Leadership & Peer Pressure’, Vidyarthi emphasized the importance of ‘Gift’ and ‘Inspiration’ in one’s life. Leadership is essentially living an inspired life, contended the avid miner.

He said it is imperative for people to recognize the gift within themselves. Furthermore, the gift should be used to inspire one’s peers. He advised using the term ‘managing worlds’ instead of the often used ‘juggling roles’. “The role that you are playing at a given moment is the most important and the only role you are playing at that point of time. We are not really multitasking at any point of time. However, human beings often have the habit of making things seem difficult for them even if they are quite simple”, pointed out Ashish.

Ashish further laid stress on polishing one’s facets to add sparkle to one’s life. It is important to respect, communicate as well as spend time with the self, he added.

On the occasion, FICCI FLO, Jaipur Chairperson Minal Jain also acknowledged the doctors who volunteered to conduct the Cervical Cancer Awareness  Programme for the residents ladies of Village Guda Mansingh , near Jaipur . She requested FLO members to support this initiative for such camps in the future.


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