Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor launches Chef Taruna Birla’s latest cookbook

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Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor recently launched Chef Taruna Birla’s latest book, ‘Luscious – Love from Mom’ at Hotel Jaipur Marriott. Also on the occasion, the Taruna Birla Cooking Institute in Bhilwara was formally inaugurated and the digital launching of Taruna Birla App and Website was also done. Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor said: “When people go out to eat at restaurants they never get to see how their food is being prepared. It is usually blind cooking. I believe that taste comes from emotions which is why you should always cook with a smile. Food is a very personal experience and each person has his or her likes and dislikes. Usually, food that is fresh, seasonal and local should be consumed.”

From L-R Chef Taruna Birla and Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor launching Taruna Birla’s latest book – ‘Luscious- Love from Mom’

The Taruna Birla Cooking Institute in Bhilwara is affiliated with Rajasthan Institute of Skill Development University. The institute offers courses in hotel management, food production, hospitality, housekeeping as well as food and beverages. The courses focus on providing maximum practical exposure to the students. The institute is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech laboratories.

He further said that whether one is cooking at home or professionally, motivation is always a key factor. Science plays a very important role in cooking. One must remember that it is not complications that make food better it is the ideas that do. It is very important to change up or experiment with recipes to discover new flavours.

(From L-R) Chef Taruna Birla and Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor formally inaugurating the Taruna Birla Cooking Insitute

Chef Taruna Birla said: “Becoming a chef was the best decision of my life even if it was not an easy journey. My family has been a huge motivation and support throughout my career. This book will be very helpful for mothers who are struggling to find new recipes to cook for their children’s tiffin every day. All recipes in the book are healthy and tasty. The book showcases presentation techniques of the recipes so that children fall in love with their tiffin as soon as they see it.

Steamed Yoguurt with Berry Compote

This was followed by a ‘live’ cooking demo by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, in which he prepared lip-smacking delicacies like – Pav Bhaji Fondue, Beetroot Tikki, Steamed Yogurt, Hummus with Haldi, and much more.

Beetroot Tikki

About the Book

Chef Taruna Birla’s latest book ‘Luscious – Love from Mom’ contains as many as 35 delicious vegetarian recipes especially curated for children’s lunch boxes.  These healthy yet fun recipes will be a great help for all mothers in providing a nutrient-rich diet to their children in an easy way.

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