Culture Patron Sundeep Bhutoria Appeals to PM for Survival Package for Cultural Workers

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Kolkata and Rajasthan based Culture patron and Indian social welfare activist, Mr. Sundeep Bhutoria has urged the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi for a ‘survival package’ for artistes, cultural workers, and craftsmen of India.

In a letter written to the Prime Minister on Monday, he appealed that such a package would go a long way in sustaining their livelihoods and keeping the traditional crafts and skills alive. Even during normal times these unsung torch-bearers of India’s rich culture legacy live hand-to-mouth and barely manage to make ends meet. In the face of this pandemic, thousands of such workers can survive with even the slightest hand-holding from the Government. With a little bit of support, these anonymous heroes can be filled with renewed hope to hold the flag of India’s artistic and cultural heritage aloft, Bhutoria stated.

He  further highlighted that the impoverished artisans, folk artistes and others need a proper platform to articulate their grievances. There is an urgent need for Governmental intervention to make sure that the Coronavirus crisis does not wipe out vast swathes of India’s cultural legacy and heritage built over thousands of years.

Bhutoria expressed his gratitude to the PM for the prompt action taken so far to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is to be recalled that Sundeep Bhutoria, through his NGOs is behind such events like The Write Circle, Kalam, Lafz, Ek Mulaqat etc. It is worth noting that several senior artistes of the country have supported the contents of the letter.

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