This lady from Jaipur is making products to detoxify your Make Up bag

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Natural and organic make up is all in rage in the modern world of beauty and cosmetics. With numerous natural make up brands competing for their spot in the market there has never been a better time to adopt a more natural beauty routine which is clearly written in the zero waste blog and tips. The market is constantly growing with innovative and unique brands with products which are all eco-friendly and organic in nature.

One such brand which has dipped its toes in the world of eco-friendly beauty is ‘Ahaan Naturals’. Owned by Dr. Shikha Garg who is also an energy healer ‘Ahaan Naturals’ has been striving to detoxify dressing tables for the past year. “I started going through the contents of my fridge and was shocked to find myself consuming copious amounts of salts, unhealthy fats, sodium and much more” said Ms. Garg. She further added that “If my fridge had such unhealthy ingredients then so would my dressing table!”. After closely inspecting her make up routine she found all beauty products to contain harsh chemicals. With the aim of inspiring her clients to get back to nature, the brand was started with Garg’s homemade recipes which are known to no one but her.

The brand uses all natural, organic and vegan ingredients. The products are cruelty free and contain no synthetic colours, artificial scent, parabens, sulphate and harsh chemicals. Their products include – natural soap bars of Sandalwood, Neem, Aloe Vera, Rose and Coffee variety. For those with dry and chapped lips can try out Ahaan’s Rose, Lime, Vanilla and Strawberry flavored lip balms, which not only look good but also smell delightful.

Exfoliation is a much-ignored part of one’s beauty regime that is often forgotten because of its time-consuming nature. The brand offers a solution with their easy to use scrubs. Face scrubs can be found in brown sugar and green tea; coffee and salt variants. Similarly, one can keep their feet soft and supple with Ahaan’s oats and coffee foot scrub. Keep yourself smelling good all day with Lavender and Rose deodorant creams as well as Orange, Geranium, Cedarwood body mists. These body odor killers are natural and contain essential oils! Not only this but they also prevent underarm discoloration which is the common plight for many.

A baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner than that of an adult. Their paper-thin skin absorbs like a sponge. Thus, it is very important to be concerned with what products we use on them. ‘Ahaan Naturals’ aims to supply its clients with the purest of the pure. Their extensive range on baby care products include the much-needed essentials baby talc, baby massage oil, diaper rash cream and baby soaps. Other than these other personal care products like hand and body lotions; shampoos and hair oils; body wash and body butters are also available for purchase. One can purchase these green beauty products at a very nominal price range of Rs. 150 to 550 only.

Telling about challenges she faced in this industry, Ms. Garg said that people lack the general awareness of what exactly is organic and natural products; how it can benefit their skin as compared to drugstore products; what ingredients to look for when purchasing these products. Garg is also looking forward to few exhibitions to showcase her products in the near future.

Purchase products of ‘Ahaan Naturals’ via phone (94192 40483) or email (

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