‘Dhara Shakti Foundation’ distributes Smartphones to Rajasthan youth

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On the occasion of International Youth Day (12 August), ‘Dhara Shakti Foundation’ (DSF) took the initiative to distribute smartphones to the youth of Rajasthan.  As a first pilot initiative, the foundation has undertaken ‘Spreading Smiles’ in which 25 smartphones have been distributed to adolescent girls and they equate it with a virtual classroom for life skills training. The program aims to deliver life skills and leadership training to sensitize the selected group to recognize underlying social issues and empower them to spread awareness among their communities.

‘Dhara Shakti Foundation’ founded by young  Jaipurite, Devika Shekhawat has launched today with the aim to provide opportunities, support, and mentorship to aspiring minds around India and particularly in Rajasthan.

Digitisation will bring the youth of India to the forefront in addressing the challenges we face today. DSF has partnered with BG Foundation and Bhajan Global Impact Foundation in an endeavor to ensure that the adolescent youth are physically distant but not alone. These adolescent girls will receive training so that they can in turn reach and nurture as many young girls and youth in their communities. There is a need to provide them with a safe space to thrive and a medium to interact and grow into their potential in this digital world.

During the lockdown, Devika has also distributed over 1000 hygiene kits which included sanitary pads, reusable masks and soaps to families across Jaipur and Khuri, Sikar. She plans to continue that initiative in different parts of the State.

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