Enjoy Diverse Flavours of Asia at this Food Fest in Jaipur Marriott

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Asia, being the largest and the most populous continent, is home to many cultures which have their own characteristic cuisine. ‘Asian Trail’  Festival at Okra at Jaipur Marriott is celebrating the diverse flavours of the various regions and countries of Asia. The festival has on offer delicacies of as many as 15 countries. It will be on till  7 September and is open to guests from 7 pm to 11.30 pm.


The festival will feature cuisine of several Asian regions like East Asia, South East Asia, Central Asia as well as Middle and Western Asia. There will also be live counters and food served from countries like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Yemen, China, Macau, Thailand, Mongolia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Singapore and India.

Mariott_Jaipur Mariott_Jaipur

Chef Ming from Sheraton, Hyderabad is also assisting the culinary staff of Hotel Jaipur Marriott for the festival.



For bookings: 0141 456 7777


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