An Evening with Suniel Shetty in Jaipur

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The Bollywood star Suniel Shetty was in Jaipur to launch an interior and exterior materials showroom, Timberstone. He is a builder himself now and is also the brand ambassador of Flex-Stone, one of the products for which Timberstone will have a gallery. Later he attended a gala dinner hosted by the promoters of Timberstone, Mr. Sunil Bhasin and Mr. Chirag Bhasin. During the evening, casually dressed in his commando T-shirt and olive green trousers, he gave an interview to ‘All About Jaipur’. Excerpts from an interview to Jagdeep Singh.

Suniel Shetty with Yours Truly.

On Jaipur

I love the Pink City. As a matter of fact, I love Rajasthan. I’m very fond of the State and a number of my films have been extensively shot here.

On His Being Fit

I’m immensely proud of my fitness. Can you believe I’m 56 years old? The secret of my fitness is right food, right exercise regime, meditation and remaining positive. I am a teetotaler.

On The Food He Eats

The food I love to eat is the one lovingly prepared by my mother and my wife. And I get the maximum pleasure in having meals with my family. In fact, I don’t even believe in protein shakes.

On His Humility, His Humbleness

I always remain rooted (points his thumb downwards). I always remain on the mother earth easily. And if you remain rooted, humbleness and humility come by itself.

With the promoters of Timberstone — Chirag Bhasin (left) and Sunil Bhasin (right)

On His Arch Bollywood Rival Akshay Kumar

(Smiles). I have always had the greatest admiration for Akshay Kumar. He certainly deserved the National Award this year. I lave the way he has done the ‘Uniform’ roles in film by portraying an army office, a Naval officer, a CISF officer, a CRPF officer and a police officer. Through his films the importance of the Forces and these organisations have been re-enforced.

On the Kind of Films He Likes to do

I love doing simple films. And surprisingly some of my simple, uncomplicated films have done extremely well. For instance, ‘Border’, ‘Dhadkan’ and ‘Hera Pheri’. I’m surprised how some actors sit over a script for 3 months to revert.

On Bollywood vs Hollywood

I think there is no comparison. Bollywood is much greater. If you see the number of films that are made and not screened in Hollywwod - you will be shocked. Bollywood has higher success rate compared to that of Hollywood. What’s more in terms of the art of film making, acting India is next to none. Can you believe that Aamir Khan’s movie ‘Dangal’ has already done Rs. 1000 crores business in China itself.

On the Launch of His Son Under Salman Khan’s Banner

Well, what can be better than a launch under Salman Khan’s banner. It’s a huge platform to be launched-certainly bigger than my films (smiles broadly). I’m looking forward to being introduced one day as Aahan Shetty’s father.

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