Event Update: ‘Live in Colour’ Art Exhibition from 6 to 13 May at ITC Rajputana

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The Welcome Art Gallery of Hotel ITC Rajputana will showcase a Group Art Exhibition entitled ‘Live in Colour’ of five renowned Indian artists from 6 May to 13 May. The artists whose works will be displayed include Ami Patel and Vinod Sharma from Mumbai, Ragini Sinha from Delhi, Kamini Baghel from Jhansiand Surbhi Soni from Jaipur. From landscapes, kites and flowers to 3D karmic paintings, there show will feature diverse art works on display.

Mumbai’s Ami started her journey as an artist with canvas and paint but the desire to feel the textures in three dimensions made her experiments with ceramics, glass, wood as well as metal. Her work reflects her belief in karma.

Artist Ami Patel

Vinod Sharma who has been painting professionally for 30 years captures through his paintings icy and rocky landscapes in an impressionistic tradition. His paintings are neither photographs nor reproductions of the visual reality but his own abstractions imbued with his own personality.

Artist Vinod Sharma
Artist Vinod Sharma


Ragini Sinha has been painting kites and experimenting with their imagery value for a long time both in terms of form and colour. Her collection of paintings entitled ‘UDAAN: A voyage’ is thus a symbol of journey to high space through subconscious aspects of inner values.

Artist Ragini Sinha
Artist Ragini Sinha


Hailing from Jhansi, Kamini Baghel loves to depict real time subjects in abstract and semi abstract forms showing different relationships – mother and child, man and woman, friends etc.

Artist Kamini Baghel


Jaipur’s Surbhi Soni has always been fascinated with colours and the joy that they can bring. Through her art she urges everybody to be a happy soul. Inspired from flowers, her work expresses her desire ‘Give Peace a Chance’

Artist Surbhi Soni
Artist Surbhi Soni
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