Event Update: A melange of salsa and ballet at the ‘Ballet Expose’ on 30 April

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The forthcoming 3rd Annual Ballet Exposé on 30 April at Birla Auditorium will feature a unique and innovative ‘Ballet Fusion Choreography’. Based on the theme ‘Get Addicted to Happiness’, the show will feature more than 70 participants performing to ballet and salsa dance forms on authentic Latin and Bollywood tunes as well as to Scherzo Classical music. Apart from one classical ballet dance performance, the other performances will be essentially experimental fusion.

Rehearsals in full swing for the 3rd Annual Ballet Expose

 Telling more about the show, Founder of dance studio Stripes Inc, Adittee Somani said that ballet is not restricted to a stern or stiff dance form. In fact, it is more of an expression of movement. The body flows and has a connection with the emotions, movement and song. The aim of the programme is to showcase that any song, be it Bollywood, Old English classics from the 80s or Latin numbers, can be choreographed into classical Ballet. Thus, people of all ages can enjoy the show.

 Somani further informed that inspired from the hip hop and ballet combo, the show will feature a mélange of ballet and salsa on old and new songs that have lived through generations. The highlight of the show will be the “Salsalarinas” who are essentially ballerinas performing Salsa dance.

The event is being organised by Jaipur’s dance studio, Stripes Inc., Shree Cement Ltd., We Care, Raghu Sinha Mala Mathur Charity Trust and Adbhut Jewels.

Comment below for complementary passes for the event.

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