Do your Dad a solid & get him something cool this Father’s Day!!

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Fathers are the unsung heroes of the parenting world. While Moms get the hugs and kisses, Dads get the bills! While Mothers are associated with caring and nurturing, Fathers are branded as the strict disciplinarians and curfew kings!

But, let’s be honest – when it comes to the tough times in life, it’s our Dads we turn to for advice and support. They are the pillars we lean on when the world makes us weary.

So, come June 16 – let’s find a way to make Father’s Day a special one for all the Dads out there.

Here’s a handy list of ideas to get you started.

Personalized Gifts:

From cool glasses and mugs to personalized stationery to monogrammed keychains and cufflinks, there’s a lot you can do with personalized gifts these days.

Figure out the best fit for your Dad and order NOW!!

Grooming Products:

They’re so busy working hard to provide for US that they literally have no time or energy left to look after themselves.

That’s the story of Fathers around the world.

This Father’s Day, lets help our Dads look and feel their best.

DIY Kits:

The Man of the House plays many roles –

Carpenter, Plumber, Painter, Gardener, Electrician and Mechanic, all rolled into one!!

Fathers love to potter around the house working on pet projects like building a book case or revamping an old car/bike.

Indulge your Dad this Father’s Day with a cool DIY set of tools or lifting equipment such as a steel chokers rigging suited to his favorite hobby.

Relaxation Plan:

Feet-up, beer in hand, snack within reach and the TV/Radio on full-blast; this would describe the perfect relaxation plan for any over-worked father.

So, plan the perfect relaxation kit for your Father on Father’s Day.

After all, it’s ICC World Cup time and Sunday is the India vs Pakistan match!

What better time to feed Daddy dearest’s cricket fever frenzy?!!

Pick your favorite idea from our list and go make Father’s Day special for your hero.

And just in case you think of a cooler way to celebrate this day, do remember to share it with us to get featured on our page.

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