Find More Than 100 Flavours of Ice Cream At This Newly Opened Ice Cream Cafe In Jaipur

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A delicious way to beat the heat is to have an ice cream treat. Be it ice-cream cones, rolls, candy-bars, cakes or waffles, there’s an ice cream cafe to keep everyone cool in the city. Having opened their first branch, ‘Molly Moo Ice Cream’ is purely vegetarian, low fat, and made with 100% natural ingredients. Molly Moo is a brand that prides itself on ‘Farm Fresh’ products, eco-friendly disposables and super fresh ingredients. Their interiors are a reflection of these features.  With these irresistible cold summer treats, you’ll be eating to your heart’s content. There’s no excuse not to go.

Candy Bars

Dipped in melted chocolate with white chocolate drizzled on top, these candy bars are the perfect way to start off the summer! The hard and crunchy chocolate on top goes perfectly with the soft and cold ice cream filling.

Fruit Candy Bars

Molly Moo really respects the fruit. The candy bars were not only a sumptuous treat but truly a beautiful sight to behold. Almost translucent, each bite was filled with a delicious combination of fruits like strawberry, orange, grape, kiwi and much more.


Ice Cream Rolls

Molly Moo has a penchant for reinventing the old into something unique. Ice rolls have become a popular trend throughout Jaipur. Their twist on the people’s favourite includes filling the rolls with whipped cream and chopped fruits. This stops the rolls from being dry and bland with an extra punch of flavour hitting your taste buds.

Charcoal Soft Serve

The most artisanal soft serve of all time – Charcoal serve is finally here to please all the ice-cream lovers of Jaipur. Containing activated charcoal not only is the ice-cream good for your health but it is the perfect gothic creation with its noir colour. The soft serve is presented with a delicious cloud of ‘Gulkand’ flavoured candy floss.

Waffle Ice Cream

Enter Waffle heaven with these creative waffle ice cream sundaes. Layered with chocolate cream and topped off with scoops of ice cream, the sundae is cutely-designed with a little snowman guardian on top. And the best part? You can eat the entire snowman! Fluffy, warm and oozing with chocolatey goodness these waffles surely hit the spot.

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