‘Taalbelia- Folk Alive, Weekend Jams’ to go LIVE from 18 July

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In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the folk arts industry has been hit hard with artistes struggling to sustain their livelihood during the lockdown period. These artistes who only know the language of music, need a hand to hold during these difficult times and be helped through a medium they know the best to carry forward the prolific folk legacy.

With the aim to support the folk artistes, an online initiative ‘Taalbelia – Folk Alive, Weekend Jams’ is being organized by the renowned music festival, Taalbelia. It will bring forward a community made with incredibly talented artistes. This initiative will involve hand-picked Manganiyaars who can benefit the most from this platform. Taalbelia aims to ‘Relive the vibe to save the folk’.  

The festival will begin with the first set going live on the Saturday, 18 July at 7 pm with the talented, Namit Das and Anurag Shanker in collaboration with Talab Khan, Thanu Khan, Kutla Khan, Goram Khan from the dunes of Barna village in Jaisalmer.

The programme will be live every weekend. It will feature unique collaborations with one established artist and one folk artist/ group putting together a divine mix of soulful music. Not only this, the audience and attendees will also be able to directly donate to them through various digital channels to support these artistes during their time of need. Their contribution will be directly channelled to the artiste’s accounts eliminating any mediators in between.

About Taalbelia  

Taalbelia in its past two editions was a four-day long multi-format festival. Taalbelia, reinvented destination music festivals, to go with a wider range of delectable music genres that usually don’t find a spot in the current crop of festivals. 4 days, 4 stages and more than 30 acts showcase the ideal combination of the comforts of a vacation immersed in music, arts & crafts, along with adventure, royal hospitality and gastronomic delights, unique to the belt.

Showcasing the majestic and equally magnetic charm of the Shekhawati region and its culture, this round the clock affair, hosted 4 stages and thereby different genres of contemporary, classical and folk music to enthrall the residents between two breathtakingly beautiful venues, namely Castle Mandawa and Desert Resort. 

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