Food Review: Have a good time at ‘The Good Times Cafe’

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From the moment you walk into the Good Times Cafe you are captivated by the perfect blend of rustic with modern. The café offers a rustic wood cabin like feel to it and makes compact use of space with high tech kitchen appliances. The Cafe is beautifully designed with filament light bulbs , quirky and cushy chairs and high rise bar stools.

The menu offers quite a selection of items. All the traditional cafe items can be found here along with some unique fusion and multi- cuisine dishes. We had the opportunity to try out a wide range of items off of their menu like Khao Suey, Dim Sums, Thai Basil Cups, Crispy Fried Lotus Stems, Crackle it Up, Frapuccino and Go Goa Gone.

We really loved the Dimsum Platter and kept wanting to snack on those.. they were quite addictive! We have never had dimsums with such unique fillings in Jaipur like spinach and cheese and mushrooms . The dish was packed with flavours , the portions were good and the tangy-sweet sauce was a well-paired condiment.

Dimsum Platter at The Good Times Cafe
Dimsum Platter

Khao Suey was a bit too thick and sweet for us . However, we liked that they took care to serve all the condiments in good portions.

Khao Suey at The Good Times Cafe
Khao Suey

The Thai Basil cups should be thought out a little more we found the spice a little too strong and the filling to be lacking taste. However the presentation was well thought out with the tiny little lettuce cups.

Thai Basil Cups at The Good Times Cafe
Thai Basil Cups

We found the Crispy fried Lotus steams absolutely delicious. We have never seen such a dish on a menu. They were crispy, crunchy and really yummy!

Crispy fried lotus stems at The Good Times Cafe
Crispy fried lotus stems

Now coming to the beverages i have to say we were disappointed with them all. We found Crackle it up too sweet for our liking, frapuccino was too light and watery and Go Goa Gone had a bit of artificial fruit flavouring to it. That being said all the drinks were served in beautiful glasses and displayed an impeccable presentation.

Go Goa Gone at The Good Times Cafe
Go Goa Gone

Overall, We enjoyed our visit to the café and  would recommend the others to give it a try and grant their palates an adventure. The cafe offers a well-balanced menu, prompt customer service and a nice and cozy ambience for a tired and weary soul to find peace or simply to catch up with friends. It also a good working space as they offer free stationery and printing and photocopying services. You could ditch the monotonous environment of your office for a day and try working here for a change.

Quirky seating at The Good Times Cafe
Quirky seating at The Good Times Cafe
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