Food Update: Just Bengali launches its services in Jaipur

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From mouth-watering Bengali sweets and street food to scrumptious ‘Ready to Fry’ Fish, Chicken and Veg Cutlets, now the people of Jaipur will have access to Bengali food on their finger tips. The ‘Just Bengali’ raw food provider service which had been operating till now in Delhi, NCR has recently launched their operations in Jaipur as well.

Founded by Promita Sen Gupta, the online portal began with the aim to provide Bengali vegetables, spices, tea, among others to students or the youth from Bengal who move out to other cities owing to better education and job opportunities. However, more than the “Displaced Bengalis”, the service became popular among the non-Bengalis.

Through the Cre8comm app, one can get Raw fresh food like chicken, mutton and fish, popular Bengali street food like Chicken Chop, Fish Chop, Fish Cultlet, Veg Chop and Exotic Bengali vegetables likes Kolkata Jhinge, Gondhoraj Lebu, Pyaj Koli, among others. Also available are different varieties of tea like Chamomile Flower, Lopchu Blue, White Tea, Jasmine Pearl Tea, among others. Similarly, one can also get spices like Bapi Chanachur, Kolkata Muri, Moong Dal Bori and more.

Vegetable Cutlets
Vegetable Cutlets
Fish fry and chicken chop
Fish fry and chicken chop

Bengali food is incomplete without the mention of ‘mishti’ or sweets. A wide variety of Bengali sweets like Boondiya, sitabhog, Kalo Jam, Rasogalla and Rajbhog, among others are available. Sandesh in a plenty of flavours like pineapple, kesar, chocolate, strawberry, mango and ice cream, among others will surely not let you stop at just one.

Lip smacking Rasogullas and Ice Cream Sandesh
Lip smacking Rasogullas and Ice Cream Sandesh


Place your orders here: or just download the cre8comm app on your cell phones.


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