The All Kinds of Delicious and Famous Gajak of Jaipur
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Ok winters arrive with loaded types of Gajak Or in mathematical language, we can say that winters in Jaipur are equal to bringing Gajak at home and enjoying it on your cold nights with family. 

You all might not be aware of the kinds of delicious gajak. There are more than many kinds of gajak, especially in Jaipur, for your sweet tooth. We have brought you some most popular kinds of delicious and famous Gajak of Jaipur

Let’s See What These Tasty or Mouth-Watering Gajak Are

1. Peanut (Mungfali) Gajak – The Chikki of Jaipur

This Chikki is one of the most popular gajak of Jaipur It is made using good and til This tasty and top-selling item of Jaipur can sweeten your mood in a minute.

Sweetening items used: Gud ( Sweet Juice of Sugarcane).

2. Til Gajak – The Smallest and Sweetest Gajak of Jaipur

You might have listened to Til’s Laddu but Til Gajak also exists It is the smallest, and you put it under the sweets when you are dieting. It is good for health and does not contain many calories like other Gajaks. The other forms of this gajak include til mawa, til papdi Patti, Til Gur Patti, til gud khasta, etc.

Sweetening items used: Gud and Mawa.

3. Mawa (Khoya) Gajak – The popular gifting Gajak of Jaipur

It is one of those gajaks that are gifted on some occasions. You might have listened to it as it is one of the most common gajak.

Sweetening items used: Processed sugar or gud.

4. Son Gajak – The type of iconic so-called Son Papdi

Son gajak extracted from the popular Son Papdi is made of gud. It is a lightweight and fewer calories solution to your sweet tooth.

Sweetening item used: Processing Sugar and Gud.

5. Dry Fruit Gajak – Many tasty types available

The Dry fruit gajak are already popular there are different kinds of dry fruit gajak include:

  • Badam Gajaks
  • Kaju Gajaks
  • Post a Gajaks

These gajaks vary in price. Few of it is expensive or few of it eaten affordably. If you are buying these gajaks for gifting, you can choose any of them according to your budget and choice. 

6. Khas Khas Barfi Gajak- The blend of Til, Gud, and Khas Khas

The delicious blend of Khas Khas, Gud, and Til. It is one of the most famous gajak of Jaipur, and it is too soft to chew. It is also known as Khasta Barfi.

Sweetening items used: Gud.


Hence these were all kinds of delicious and famous Gajak of Jaipur. These all are tasty, and you can choose any of them for your sweet tooth. So, just jump on to Jaipur’s shop and buy these tasty dishes from the famous gajak of Jaipur and enjoy sweets with your loved ones.

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