Ganesh The Hindu God of Success All About Ganesh Chaturthi
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Lord Ganesha is the most favorite god of all, and his Birthday is Celebrated on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi when his idols are brought home with great enthusiasm.

Ganesh Chaturthi: Birth of Lord Ganesha

One day, Goddess Parvati was waiting for a shower at their house on Mt. Kailash. She advised Nandi, her husband Shiva’s Bull, not wanting to be interrupted, to guard the gate and let no one enter. Nandi faithfully gave up his position with the intention of fulfilling the desires of Parvati. 

But when Shiva arrived back and wished to arrive in willingly, Nandi had to let him leave, being faithful to Shiva first. At this barrier, Parvati was upset, but even more so, at the reality that she had no one as faithful to Herself as Nandi was to Shiva.

So she developed Ganesha by taking the turmeric powder from her skin and breathe light into it, telling him to be her own faithful child.

The Story After What Happened

The next time when Parvati went to take a bath, she told her son Ganesh to guard and do not let anyone enter the place. Ganesh, being faithful to her mother, did not let Shiva enter the placed and was beheaded by him.

To save the Earth from Parvati’s ferocious anger, lord Shiva placed ahead of an elephant and gave life to Ganesh.

Ganpati is considered the god of success in Hindu mythology. It is believed that his presence marks happiness and prosperity in everyone’s life. His birthday marks the commencement of happy days in our lives and thus blesses us with good health. 

If you observe fast for all nine days and bring home the deity, then you will be blessed with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvati and will be blessed with good health, and will never face any financial issues.

How To Do Ganesh Sthapana

If you are planning to do Ganpati Sthapana at your place, then you must follow the below-given steps and also must be aware of the Shubh Muhurat and all other facts.

First of all, place the idol bought by you at the place of the pooja and chant the mantras of Lord Ganesha. Offer flowers, fruits and modaks to your idol and also place tilak on his forehead with kumkum and rice. 

Now once your idol has been placed, place 5 betels leaves along with a supari on top on each leaf and sprinkle some turmeric on them. Offer Abhishek to your lord with a mukut, a garland, bracelets and vastras.

Also, do not forget to dab some turmeric and sindoor on the forehead of your diety to welcome him home with open arms and all your heart. 

Ganpati Bappa Morya!! Mangal Murti Laukariya!!

The sound that we all feel connected to and the god who is the favorite of all brings calmness in our lives. Ganpati is a festival that brings joy and happiness in everyone’s life, and also, Ganpati marks the onset of happy days according to Hindu mythology. 

The Day Is Also Called As Vinayak Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi, is one of the most important festivals that are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Mumbai.

People dress up in their best and bring idols of Ganesh to their home and worship him for 9 days and bid him goodbye while dancing on dhol and nagadas. People dance to the hymns of Ganesha and also observe fasts. 

Lord Ganesha is believed to purify the home with his presence and spreads happiness and prosperity everywhere he goes. People offer him modaks as Prasad and also decorate their homes with flowers and other decorative things. 

These idols pollute the rivers. A lot of people now prefer buying eco-friendly idols and dissolving them in a pot and planting a tree in the mud that is left once the idol of Ganesha dissolves completely. 

Anant Chaturdashi Day

Ananta Chaturdashi is the 10th and final day of Vinayak Chaturthi’s amazing Ganesh Utsav or Festival. Ananta’ implies permanent in Sanskrit and Chaturdashi implies 14th.

As such, it comes into the Hindu Calendar on the 14th day of the light fortnight or the Bhadrapada month’s’ Shukla Paksha.’

Final goodbye 

At the beginning of this day, Ganesha is given a big goodbye and the idols that were built for the festival are transported to the neighboring river, pond or seafront and submerged in a bunch of dedication and fanfare among the incessant shouts of the motto: O Lord Ganesha, arrive again next year.

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