Getting Healthier while staying in: Lockdown Edition

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[Guest Blog by Shivangi Sarda, Founder & Head Coach, Fitness.Trail]

We are all going through a difficult time in our lives. It’s challenging to stay indoors and not having the option to move around freely. But, this is the need of the hour and we must stay strong and contribute by following the guidelines to control the situation.

With the world on a standstill, it is natural to feel low, stressed and not stay positive all the time. I am grateful to continue working safely from my home and also invest my time in learning more about fitness, health & the human body. However, there are days when it is frustrating and I just want to get out of the house or go outside for a run. I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Amid all this confusion & uncertainty, I can be sure of one thing that I am going to feel amazing, positive & happy post my workout.Stepping on a weighing scale every day or counting calories is of no help at all. Let’s take the right approach and focus on improving our lifestyle rather than focusing on fast & unsustainable results.

These small steps can go a long way in adopting a healthy lifestyle:

  • Fix your sleeping schedule
  • Exercise regularly & stay active during the day
  • Set a goal for 8,000-10,000 steps a day
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat complete meals & fix your meal time. 
  • And most importantly, enjoy your dessert and that slice of pizza once in a while!(remember it’s about how you feel too)

For the first time, everyone’s approach to fitness is not just focussed on weight loss or bulking up. But to find some sort of balance in their life through exercising and because they feel happy & positive post their workout!

This has convinced me even more that exercising and leading a healthy life has so much more to offer than just focusing on losing weight/gaining muscle.The lockdown has encouraged me to continue my journey to spread awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Now is the perfect time to change our perspective of fitness & health. It is time to prioritise our mind & body and not get influenced by terms like  “Fast Weight loss”, “Fad Diets”, “No Carbs” etc.

We must acknowledge that exercising is the best stress buster! In this tough time, any form of exercise (even walking) can instantly elevate our mood as it releases happy hormones in our body. 

Healthy lifestyle & regular exercise can lower the risk of many lifestyle diseases. It’s a fact that exercising has a positive impact on our mind & mood. And this should persuade us to think, if it is correct to judge someone’s health just by looking at their body & weight.It’s important for us to understand that good health is a combination of physical health + mental health too!

Most of us are privileged to be home & safe while so many essential service workers are going out every day to fight for all of us!Let’s stay positive in this challenging time and continue our fitness journey for the right reasons.We all will come out Fitter & Healthier from this lockdown.

Stay Home & Stay Healthy!

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