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Do you often remember the times when your parents or grandparents fed you a Tale along with every morsel they put into your mouth. Or do you remember growing up telling tall Tales to your parents/teachers/friends/neighbours, some well-planned and some impromptu.

Why Tales

Well! We all love Tales, and looks like Tales too love us. Why else would be bother to communicate, or talk to people,or sit in silence and think of a Tale. Moreover there is so much life going on around us everyday that we fail to keep a tabs on the best of Tales available near us. With a view to present the innumerable Tales of different genres we have come up with an initiative called #TheTaleTellers.

Who will say What

The Tale Tellers is an initiative by Namita S Kalla and Tusharika Singh to reach out to people through stories and tales.
As a team we believe that stories are a best way to communicate and convey a thought, an idea, and a view. We prefer to go by the traditional method of tale telling as it involves all the senses to be active. From sharing personal experiences, and the experiences of several others including sportspersons, well known authors, bollywood stars, and your neighbour next door, or even the members of the family, we spin a tale that takes people on an exciting imaginary journey. We help people experience internal imaginary visualizations.

Our Little Steps

Our very first #TheTaleTellers event was organised at the Home Cafe. It gathered immensely good response with as many as 50 people attending the event. Thus giving us the courage to continue this initiative. The gentry present at the event included doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, media persons, et el. A similar event was organised at Tea Tradition Cafe in the second week of March on the occasion of International Women’s Day where tales revolving around women were enjoyed equally by both men and women.

Upcoming #TaleTelling Session

#TheTaleTellers are now coming up with their bundle of Tales at Oven- The Cafe on April 9. One can look forward to a trajectory that has humour, humanity, and the daily hum drum of life wrapped in an interesting Tale. Besides this #TheTaleTellers are also coming up with a SIX WORD TALE competition that will have participants pen their thoughts. The best Tale wins a prize. And the prize is a surprise. Submit your tale here:ย ๐Ÿ™‚
Do let us know which topic of tales interests you and if you have a tale to share feel free to write to us! ๐Ÿ˜€
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Tusharika Singh

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