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Long before the Pink City was bit by the bug of tea lounges and coffee bistros, a café that had been making a wave among the Jaipurites, even more than a decade ago was, undoubtedly, Mr. Beans. When it began in 2003, Mr. Beans was the first and one of its kind café in Jaipur serving cappuccino and hookah. Needless to say, the bistro was a big hit with young boys and girls making a beeline almost every day to grab a table in the café.

Resembling living rooms of houses, the cafe is aptly titled ‘Home Cafe’

Taking a new avatar, the coffee shop was re-designed as a British vintage tea lounge serving authentic European food in 2014. With lounge rooms similar to living rooms in houses, the café was aptly renamed ‘Home Café’. And unlike the other everyday tea and coffee joints that are springing up in the city, this upscale café lives up to its claim of serving authentic European food.

The café also proves to be a boon in the light of the dearth of places serving breakfast in the city. Bringing to the fore unique dishes like Ramekin eggs and Truffle fungi eggs, Home Café by Mr. Beans is way ahead of other cafes in town when it comes to options for breakfast. ‘Ramekin Eggs’ essentially comprises of Mediterranean vegetables tossed in a tomato concasse topped with fried eggs. Served with toasted brown bread and boiled veggies, the dish is a great alternative to the mundane omelettes and scrambled eggs.

Ramekin Eggs


When it comes to Italian cuisine, Home Café by Mr. Beans serves not just routine pizzas and pastas but also entrees like Crostini and mains like Risotto and ravioli. Toasted bread usually served with cheese, vegetable or meat toppings, the crostini here is topped with distinctive combinations like Dutch Gouda cheese and homemade orange chilli jam. The bitter-sweet taste of this dish is like a match made in heaven. Another thing that makes this café stand out from the rest is the fact that the pasta served here is handcrafted ravioli and gnocchi rather than the monotonous spaghetti and penne. With varieties of cheese like Dutch Gouda, Brie, Feta on offer, apart from the usual mozzarella and parmesan generally served in Italian joints here, this cafe is a haven for cheese lovers.

Baked Brie


Since there is always room for dessert, do not leave this place without trying their Belgian waffles — a dish they are well renowned for. Served with honey and cream, these scrumptious waffles are literally to die for! Not just they take your taste buds on a joyous ride but also look like they belong to paradise. However, be cautious as these waffles are highly addictive and will keep dragging you back to Home café!

Waffles with honey and cream
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