Home Remodeling: Beauty and Cost

Remodeling your home rests on two areas of interest: beauty and increased home value. We are going to look at quick tips on improving both and giving your house the makeover it deserves.

An Appetizing Change

First of all, the kitchen is the pinnacle of those two areas of interest we talked about. It is the most expensive room to renovate and the most worthy as you can recoup 60%-120% of the money you spent on the project. There is nothing more appetizing than a freshly renewed kitchen.

Be careful, however. Going overboard with your renovations can cost you more than what you planned. The area you live in and the other rooms in your house play a role in how fancy you can be with your remodel without suffering any losses.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Updating your bathroom can land you returns of up to 80%-130% of what you invested in the project. Replacing your shower stall with a bathtub does this wonderfully. Painting, retiling, faucet replacement, plumbing repairs, and recaulking disjointed parts all play a major role in impressing your clients and appraisers.

Better yet, if you have a senior relative living with you or are a senior yourself, you can replace a shower stall with a walk-in bathtub, or have one installed in a bathroom that doesn’t have a bathing unit. The best thing about these nifty machines is that they can be compact enough to fit in anywhere, incorporate the hydrotherapeutic features that they’re famous for, and include the safety precautions preventing slip-and-fall accidents from occurring among seniors.

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Eyes to Your House

Bay windows and windows, in general, are reliable when it comes getting back what you paid by 60%-90%. They do this so well not only because they insulate your home better (lowering energy bills) but because they drive up curb appeal. It is often windows and the entry door to your house that are the deciding factor in deterring or attracting potential buyers. The kitchen and bathroom can wait.

Bay windows are so effective in that they draw attention from passersby, they create more living space within your home, improve home insulation, air ventilation, and light penetration, and they add enormous value to your home. Comprised of a series of adjoined windows (single-hung, double-hung, casement, etc.) to form an alcove shape, these beautiful structures create more room for an extra couch, cabinet seats, and other window-and-seat combinations that will have your guests’ mouths watering.

It is well known that remodeling your home is a big investment, however, it is well-proven that it pays off.

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