Homemade Face Packs for the Jaipur Summer

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Summers have approached the city of Jaipur. The temperatures have skyrocketed to 40 degrees Celsius already. For all those who are roaming around in the sun are imitating a chameleon and changing colours every few minutes. Guys, we all know TAN IS IMMINENT, whether you spend 10 mins in the sun or an hour, you will feel your skin burning within seconds. So, it is vital we take care of our skin during these dire times to make sure we don’t end up with dry, dull and lifeless skin. Although there are numerous face and body packs/scrubs/ face-washes in the market promising to remove your skin tan HOMEMADE STUFF IS THE BEST. It is super cheap, easily available and free from chemicals.

Here are some homemade packs to help you get rid of the tan this summer:

Curd and Besan Pack

I wanted to give you guys the BEST recipe first. This pack is the most effective when it comes to removing a harsh tan. Granted it smells a little foul but trust me hold your breath for a bit and the results will be worth it.


2 Tbsp Curd

1 Tbsp Besan

1 Tbsp Honey

1 Tbsp Multani Mitti (optional)


Mix all ingredients together to form a smooth paste and apply on face, neck and arms. Leave on for 20 mins or until dry. Wash off in the shower for avoiding a mess!

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Cucumber – Multani Mitti Pack

This pack is really good for soothing burning skin. Cucumber acts as a cooling agent and calm the skin down and helps with the burning sensation. This pack can be stored in the refrigerator and applied thrice a week before your shower.


½ Cucumber

Juice of 1 Lemon

1 ½ tsp Multani Mitti

½ tsp Honey (only for dry skin)


Add all ingredients in the blender and mix together to form a smooth paste. Please alter the ingredients as per the consistency you’d like. Apply on face and neck and leave on till it dries. Wash off with cool water and store the rest in the refrigerators for up to 10 days.

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Milk Pack

This pack is for bringing back moisture and glow to your dry and dull skin. It is a very easy to make pack and can be used all around the year.


2-3 tbsp Milk

1 tbsp Honey


Apply this to your face, keep it for 15 minutes and see the difference in the moisture of your skin.

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Tomato – Chaach Pack

 The acidic properties of Tomatoes and Buttermilk are very effective in removing tan.  Tomatoes give you glowing and elastic skin. The redness of the tomatoes will add a natural blush to your skin with regular use.


1 Juicy Tomato

2-3 tsp Chaach (Buttermilk)

2-3 tsp Besan

1 tsp Honey (for dry skin only)


Cut the tomatoes into bite size chunks and simmer on stove with a little water for 10 mins. Remove tomatoes from the stove and mash the tomatoes so the juice can pass through the sieve. Add the rest of the ingredients into the juice and leave on face for 15mins. Wash off with cool water and moisturise.

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