India’s Most Loved Tea Store ‘Sancha’ is now in Jaipur

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Where there’s tea there’s hope.

-Arthur Wing Pinero

If you are a gourmet tea lover, Jaipur has a new treasure trove for you.  Situated in the heart of the city at MI Road, ‘Sancha Tea Boutique’ has on offer over 70 varieties of artisanal tea blends.  Black Teas, White Teas, Green Teas, Herbal Teas, Iced Tea, you name it and they have it. As you enter the store, you will not be able to resist yourself from getting your hands on the petite and dainty looking tea wares. Be it a kettle, tea cosy, tea diffusers or even the tea spoons, the products at this store will add a ‘pre-tea’ dimension for your next tea ‘par-tea’.

By Celebrity Master Tea Taster Sanjay Kapur, the Sancha Story has been built around a passion for aromas, flavor and a commitment to quality that dates back to 1891.  

Tea Tasting Session

(L-R) Super White Blend, Darjeeling White and Wild Rose Green Tea
White tea blends with flavours

Sancha also offers ‘Complimentary Tea Tasting’ for all its customers. We had the opportunity to try out some green, white and black tea blends. Served in small shallow cups we sampled the ‘Wild Rose Green Tea’, ‘Darjeeling White Tea’ and ‘Super White Tea’. Out of the three we loved the Wild Rose tea, simply for the fragrant and floral burst of flavour during our tasting. Not only this, the tea is simply too beautiful with crushed Rose petals mixed into the blend.

Wild Rose Green Tea

Next up, the ‘White Tea’ blend was a really mild mix for us but perhaps a great choice for those who like their teas light with a weaker infusion. Unfortunately, we liked the ‘Super White’ blend the least due to its very pungent smell and stark flavour.

(L-R) Early Grey and Vanilla Chai

In the black teas we tried ‘Earl Grey’ and ‘Vanilla Chai’. Served with milk and sugar, these full-bodied teas are the perfect accompaniment to get you going on those sleepy mornings when you just don’t want to get out of bed. Both teas were super refreshing and a delight to our olfactory senses!

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