‘IWrite’: New mentorship programme for aspiring writers by Jaipur BookMark

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There is a growing trend in the book industry to provide a dedicated space for new writings. While internet and an “easy access” have increased content generation, it has also impacted the reach of the (written) word. From status updates on Facebook and Instagram, and platforms like Terribly Tiny Tales to blogging on WordPress, there is always something for readers of varied interests. The literary landscape has phenomenally changed, bringing in new opportunities. Literature festivals, that capture the interest of millions today, have not remained isolated from providing a space to new writings.

Jaipur BookMark’s sixth edition announces a new mentorship programme; ‘iWrite’, for aspiring writers. It invites entries ranging from short-stories and poetry to works of long fiction and non-fiction from published and unpublished writers across the country. Jaipur BookMark opens with a full day of programming on 23rd January 2019 and continues, parallel to the main Festival, for the next three days at the JBM Haveli in Diggi Palace, Jaipur.

Information on Registration for Jaipur BookMark can be found here:


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