Jaipur FICCI FLO ladies learn how to Eat & Delete by actress Gul Panag and nutritionist Pooja Makhija

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“We are what we eat” is a common adage we all hear every now and then. Yet with the recent surge in food fads, the battle is not just about what and what not to eat but more about when and how to eat.  Renowned actress Gul Panag and celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija were in Jaipur on Thursday at a FICCI FLO session entitled ‘Eat. Delete.’to give tips to ladies about eating right.

“Most of us think of food as calories and not as nutrition. This is the biggest challenge one faces in eating right”, shared Pooja.  One does not realize that digestion too is a calorie burning process. For instance, if one eats an apple which has approximately 90 calories, our body uses around 120 calories to burn it, she further added.

Gul Panag shed light on the fact that the key to eating right is right quantity and quality. One needs to be aware of what their eating capacity which is unique for each and every individual.  The Basal Metanbolic Rate (BMR) of each person is determined by one’s age, gender, height and percentage of fat in the body. The only variable factor in this is the body’s fat percentage and that’s where the importance of weight training comes in. Using weights like dumbbells or your own body weight in the form of exercises like squats and push ups is imperative for converting fat into muscle which in turn boosts the metabolic rate.

Apart from exercise, it is also necessary to develop right nutrition habits. Makhija emphasized greatly the importance of protein in our body. The daily requirement of protein is 1g for every kilogram of one’s body weight.  She also pointed out on the need for elimination of sugar from one’s diet as ultimately everything we eat gets converted into it. Combating depression as well as hormonal imbalances with the right kind of eating habits as well as the need to educate one’s child about nutrition was also discussed in length.

The session also witnessed a poster unveiling by Chairperson Ms. Minal Jain, Gul Panag, Pooja Makhija and Ms. Neeta Boochra on WE- Women Empowerment for Beautician Training.  FLO has given a platform whereby anyone can nominate girls/ladies who are willing to undertake training for the stipulated time and the target will be to empower them and get them employed.

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