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Ever attended an intimate and secretive music show where all you have to do is just show up? And what if it comes to your place and you get a chance to host the same? Wonderful, isn’t it? Now imagine being summoned to this confidential concert where even the location is disclosed just a day prior to the concert and artists are revealed on stage!

Step out of the daydream because Sofar Sounds gives you exactly this!


It is a notion of musical gatherings in unusual settings and events with a veneer of mystery about them. You don’t know anything before you land up to the venue, so it’s like a hit or a miss.


What makes it more interesting is that you can’t buy the tickets, you can only apply for them. It’s like a lottery system in which if person gets selected, they are informed a day before the event. Also, you are free to bring your booze along with your partner and make yourself comfortable to enjoy the evening of enthralling live performances.  (Don’t worry about your home curfew deadlines since the show ends at an easily acceptable time.)


Sofar sounds hosts its events in super intimate locations like attics, living rooms, bedrooms, storerooms, rooftops, backyards and even kitchens. Maybe an event is happening two doors away from you right now – you never know.


Save the date- 6 July 2018! Among the 412 cities which host such secret gigs, Jaipur is also one of them!

Thanks to!

Aman Agrawal, a Jaipurite and a music enthusiast found himself drawn to the concept of music festivals. Having spent most of his time travelling, he would often attend the Sofar Sound concerts in Delhi and thus decided to bring them to his home town. His main focus is to bring new artists to Jaipur and find crazy venues for them.

Till now the pink city has hosted two such events this year in April and May bringing the magic back to live gigs. The artists whose music swayed the hearts of audience were Samar Mehdi, Akash Vincent and Ashim Bery known as sustainableshimmy.

How to apply?

  • Apply for tickets online (absolutely free of cost).
  • Wait for the mail that tells you you’re in (you get a plus one).
  • Purchase the tickets. (Pay what you want)


You can also host the event!

Fill out an application describing your crib for the Sofar team to review. If the place sounds about right, they’ll get in touch. The clean-up will be taken care of so sit back and enjoy your personal Sofar show.

Volunteer !

Every event needs a few dedicated volunteers to be a real success. So, you can also apply to volunteer for activities like videography, photography, communication, support, marketing and other jobs.

So, Jaipurites what are you waiting for! Go and grab your seat for the amazing live performances.





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