Jaipur Kala Chaupal In The City From 20 October

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A premier art festival, Jaipur Kala Chaupal is being organized at Diggi Palace in Jaipur from 20 October. A 2-week long festival, it is the brainchild of artistic vision of its founders, Ms. Premila Singh, Ms. Leenika Jacob and the Diggi siblings Rudra and Raghav.

Says Founder, Leenika Beri: “Jaipur Kala Chaupal is a unique platform designed to integrate traditional arts of India with contemporary art forms that exist internationally. The core purpose of the festival is to align traditional arts/artists in India and give them continuity in the contemporary world. It has been carefully conceived to provide a unique opportunity to the established as well as emerging artists from various countries to explore the soul of art in India and be a catalyst for newer and original collaborative artistic expressions.”

Themed on Confluence, Collaboration and Conversations, the 14-day event has been divided into two parts. The event opens on October 20 with the arrival of artists from countries across the world like USA, Lithuania, India, France, Nepal, Mexico, Canada, Jordan, Russia, Denmark, among others at Diggi Palace for a ten-day residency project. These artists will collaborate with traditional Indian artists to co-create art work based on ‘Water’ as a theme. The residency will be followed by an exposition of the art produced over the ten days, at  Jawahar Kala Kendra from November 1 to November 3.

For detailed event flow and more information visit, www.jaipurkalachaupal.com

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