The Must-Visit Forts of Jaipur For a Mesmerizing Trip

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Forts and palaces represent India’s rich cultural heritage that depicts the history that India has always enjoyed. The Stand as the prideful memorials of the Indian culture. The most famous state in India, which has many Forts to visit, is none other than Rajasthan. Even in Rajasthan, the maximum number of forts could be found only and only in Jaipur.

This city is known for its beautiful architecture. It is dotted with Forts and palaces all around. It witnesses a huge influx of tourists from different parts of the world every year. These Forts and palaces are the representations of the glamorous culture of the Rajputana people.

Historically, the numerous Forts in Jaipur were constructed to serve the purpose of defense for the city. But with changing times, these forts now serve as picnic and recreational spots for  swarms of friends or family. Here’s a small recap of the majestic history of these forts that make the Pink City immensely famous worldwide.

What is Jaipur famous for?

Jaipur is one of the most colorful cities in the state of Rajasthan. It has been an eyewitness to different types of Empires. It has also been able to witness the variety of the Rajput Kings. With every difference that put King taking over the Crown, a great investment was made to fortify the city. That is why many Forts are standing upright in the city of Jaipur despite so many years of construction. These forts are known to have many special features in them.

The special features of these forts are:

Based on Intellectual Technology

These Forts are not built simply by organizing wooden and stone structures with each other. Instead, this Fort has been built with the help of intellectual techniques, which help enhance the protection cover against different types of invasions that follow. In such a situation, it represents that the Rajput kings had a great sense of architecture.

Examples of craftsmanship

These forts are the symbols of Craftsmanship in Jaipur. This is because they have been built with a great sense of architecture. It becomes easy for you to understand that these Forts are not designed skillfully in such a situation. Instead, they have been beautifully crafted and designed in different architectural patterns.

The List of Best Forts That One Must Visit in Rajasthan

This article will discuss the famous Forts and palaces of Rajasthan and the reasons why every person should visit them.

1. Amber Fort

This is one of the most popular forts in Jaipur. Rajput and Mughal architecture inspire it. This beautiful Fort has been made up of red sandstone. This palace is so beautiful that many people from different parts of the world visit it every year. Raja Man Singh constructed it in 1592. It gives some of the magnificent news of the city. The interiors of his Fort are decorated with the help of delicate mirror work and stonework. It is a state of Art in itself.

This fort which overlooks the Maota lake is known for its artistic Hindu style elements. Constructed with red sandstone and marble, , it was the residence of Rajput Maharajas and their families. There is also a popular temple dedicated to Sila Devi. The fort principally consists of the Diwan-e Khas (Hall of Special Audience), Diwan e Aam (Hall of ordinary people), Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace), Sukh Niwas ,where a cool climate is created artificially by winds that blow over a water cascade in the palace. It is also popularly known as the Amber palace.


2. Nahargarh Fort

It is another very popular fort in Jaipur. This Fort is located in the foothills of the famous Aravalli Range. This magnificent Fort was built by the famous Maharaja named Sawai Jai Singh. Because of the large size of the forts, it is known as the Tiger Fort. It has beautiful wax and silicon statues. This beautiful place is built with the help of 25 million glass pieces, and they have been arranged in such an artistic manner that they are truly a beauty to behold. This place is a favorite destination of the royal families during the summer seasons. The Tulip and the Marigold Gardens are famous in the spring season.

Legend has it that this fort was the site of the cenotaph of Nahar Singh, a martyred Rathore warrior and when Sawai Jai Singh II ordered its construction, the work was resisted by the warrior’s spirit. Originally known as ‘Sudarashangarh’, it was then renamed as Nahargarh, literally the ‘abode of tigers’, to pacify Nahar Singh’s spirit. This place gives one a splendid view of the city both during the day as well night. What sets this fort apart from the rest is that one can enjoy the view from while sipping chilled beer from the café located at the top.


3. Jaigarh Fort

It is also known as the Fort of victory. It was built in the Year 1726 by the famous rules of Jai Singh II. It was built around the corners of the city of Jaipur to protect it against all the possible invasions and attacks. The most important purpose for the creation of this Fort was to give protection to the Amber Fort.

This Fort is located on a Hilltop. Amber fort and this Fort are connected with the help of an underground tunnel. It is truly a beauty to behold because it is inspired by Mughal architecture. This Fort offers the most beautiful views of the city of Jaipur.

Built by Sawai Jai Singh II to protect the Amber fort and palace, this fort is also known as the Victory Fort. Jaigarh is home to Jaivana one of the world’s biggest cannons. However, the cannon was never fired and with its fine carvings it survives as a work of art. Situated on the Aravalli hill range, one can enjoy a magnificent view of the Amber fort and Maota lake from here.


If you need a break from the mundane mall culture of the metropolitan cities, these are great places to refresh your mind and break the monotonous routine of your life. It is owing to such places that Jaipur has become a hub for global as well as national tourists.

4. City palace fort

This is one of the most complicated structures of Fort that the Rajput kings have built. It was also built by Raja Jai Singh 2. This Fort is so enormous that it covers at least one-seventh area of the city. It comprises different buildings like Diwane-e-khaas and Chandra Mahal.

In addition, it also has a Badal Mahal, which represents the beauty of the subtle rivers of Rajasthan. This Fort is famous for its hospitality. It is always open for tourists to visit this Fort around any part of the Year.

5. Jantar Mantar

This is another beautiful Fort of Jaipur, which has been built on the same lines as Jantar Mantar in Delhi. It is made up of red sandstone. It has been developed in the form of a puzzle and is truly a beauty to behold.

It contains so many Complex structures that you need to be extremely conscious of while travelling. This Fort was built by the famous Rajput rulers who used this building For their entertainment. Even today, this Fort represents the pride of the Rajasthani people.

6. The walls of Old Jaipur

Jaipur was known to be a city of 8 Gates. These eight gates were not less than any fortress to the city. All of these Gates were interconnected to each other with the help of an underground tunnel. These walls represent the strength and bravery of the people of Rajasthan. It was built to protect the city from invasions and attacks.

These Gates are huge and based on technology that is difficult to decipher. However, it also depicts the intellect of the Rajasthani people to put up a tough challenge against every kind of problem.


If you are planning to visit Jaipur this Year, visit all these forts to get the best experience in Jaipur. You can also hire a tourist guide who will explain to you the relevance of these forts in a much detailed manner.

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