Jaipur to witness the country’s biggest floral show ever this February

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The ‘13th World Floral Show – Grand Floral Affair 2020’ is all set to bring a floral extravaganza in Jaipur from 24 February to 1 March at Diggi Palace. The mega-show is being organised by the World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA). The event is being presented by Pushpa Bitan Friendship Society in association with Kamla Poddar Group and supported by Rajasthan Tourism.This is the first time the show is being held in India and it will probably be also the last one in the country since it travels to different countries every three years. So make sure you don’t miss this!

Throwing light on the show, WAFA India Chairperson, Ms. Kamla Poddar said that the art of floral design will be explored by the numerous enthusiasts who will be competing in individual and group categories to showcase their skills in floral decoration. They will be displaying their designs in various classes such as – The Maharaja’s Jewel, Magnificient Mughals, Rugged Splendour, Treasures of the East, Traders of Antiquity, among others.

The show will witness demonstrations on ‘The Royal Indian Wedding’, ‘Phool Bangla’ and ‘Unity in Diversity’. There will also be a showcase of creations by local artisans – ‘Glorious India’. The show will also witness unique competitions, exhibitions, WAFA India Bazaar, Vendors Market, Interactive Talk Sessions and much more. It will also be attracting the world’s most revered and distinguished floral designers and artistes. The ‘Grand Floral Affair’ will be open for ‘Public Viewing’ from 10 am to 7 pm from 27 February to 1 March.

For more details visit: www.wafaindia.com



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