Jaipur’s First Biergarten ‘Hops N Taters’ Blooms in the City

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The concept of a ‘Biergarten’ dates back to 18th century, commonly referring to a German outdoor central beer pouring station, it’s a tradition Europeans have enjoyed for centuries, on communal tables where friends and strangers mingle in a lively, warmer atmosphere, energised by a regular schedule of music. Based on this concept, ‘Hops N Taters’, Jaipur’s first-ever Biergarten is now open in the city. The restaurant features the freshest brews and sumptuous international cuisine.

The mother – daughter duo (Anuradha and Niti Kasliwal) have put together their travel experiences in India and Europe to come up with the concept of ‘Hops N Taters’. The menu comprises of recipes from places around Europe, from the tiniest of villages to the big cities. Most of the dishes are local household food. Every recipe has a story and experience behind it. The décor of the restaurant signifies a cool and comfortable space where food lovers can relax and try out experiential dining whenever they step foot in ‘Hops N Taters’.

The concept of the restaurant has been born from the owner’s 9-year-long stint in Germany that instilled in her the art of gourmet cooking. It was here, she found her passion for cooking by learning authentic recipes from her neighbours. These recipes could never be found in cookbooks. After experimenting with the cuisines she perfected her recipes over time. Upon her return to the Pink City, she decided to open an outlet and share her stories with other people through her recipes.

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