Jaipur’s Haneet Singh to showcase his collection in London Fashion Week

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“Fashion came to me as a surprise. As a student, I was excellent in academics and was supposed to be an engineer. But life had other plans. It all started back in 1999 when I joined the small set-up of apparel my mother had. It gave me a hands-on experience of skilful training and a better understanding of what clients need”, recalls Pink City’s renowned fashion designer, Haneet Singh, while talking about how he got into the fashion industry. After showcasing his work across the country and in Dubai and Colombo, the designer is now all set to showcase his collection ‘Stannic Luxe’ at the forthcoming London Fashion Week 2022-2023 on September 16.

Haneet Singh
Haneet Singh

Appreciation is my favourite part about fashion

Like every profession, fashion design too has its cons like working on strenuous deadlines, being mentally and physically exhausted, not getting recognition for the hard work one puts in etc. However, the appreciation one receives from clients about how they feel when they wear a designer’s apparel more than makes up for it. “Seeing my clients happy and feeling confident in what they are wearing is the biggest reward. I have had clients calling me from events and parties and telling me how much appreciation they are getting for their outfit”, shares Haneet Singh while shedding light on his favourite part of being a fashion designer.

Taking inspiration from Jaipur

Tracing of a design inspired from City Palace

What is interesting about Singh’s recent collection ‘Stannic Luxe’, that will be showcased at the London Fashion Week, is that some of the pieces take inspiration from Jaipur’s City Palace. “Stannic Luxe is a luxurious fusion collection that is inspired by its shine. The metallic fabric is adorned with gold, rose gold, silver, grey and other lustrous colours. The arcs of the City Palace too serve as an inspiration for two of the pieces of this collection. Local artisans from Jaipur, including many women artisans, have been included to create this collection in which each ensemble narrates different stories. It is the perfect epitome of Indian hand details fused with a western silhouette. It features quirky handwork with 3D sequins, intricate hand details and most importantly, sparkle, which is the inspiration”, says Singh while elaborating about his collection.

Stick to your base and market to the right audience

Haneet Singh with Mandana Karimi
Haneet Singh with Mandana Karimi

After being in the fashion industry for over 20 years, Singh has garnered some insightful knowledge about what is needed to sustain here. Ask him what he would like to share with aspiring designers and fashion students and he says: “The fashion students today have great exposure but there are a lot of options available to them too which can get overwhelming at times. They need to create a small collection and present it nicely to give a glimpse of their own unique style. Marketing your product to the right audience is another important factor. It is easy to create a label but sustaining it is a difficult task. Just remember to stick to your base otherwise you will get lost in this big world of fashion.”

Focus on sensibilities and aesthetics

Haneet Singh with Karishma Tanna
Haneet Singh with Karishma Tanna

The pandemic did not leave any industry unperturbed and fashion has been no exception. Talking about how things are looking up for the industry in the Post-Covid times, Singh shares that India is the land of flamboyant weddings. “There is no lack of work with weddings. What one needs is to maintain their quality of work and have their design sensibilities and aesthetics in place. People are now also more experimental with fashion and moving beyond the traditional gotta patti towards more light-weight and flowy garments. It is great to see that men too are taking fashion quite seriously”, he adds.

It is worth noting that in the past Singh has collaborated with many Bollywood and television celebrities like Mugdha Godse, Bipasha Basu, Aarti Chhabria, Karishma Tanna, among others.

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