Essentials Guide for Jaipur Literature Festival this Year

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The world largest free literary festival is back!

Zee Jaipur Literature Festival is back for its 2019 edition from 24 January to 28 January. Today, JLF is much more than a literature festival. It is has become a landmark for not only the people of Rajasthan but people all over the world.  This year like every other, the festival will be pulling in ever-expanding crowds to enjoy motivating and knowledgeable sessions. Here are all the essentials you will need to survive JLF this year.

  1. Woolen Clothes

JLF is the ‘Fashion Mecca’ for all those who attend. From lush coats to colourful scarves to spiffy boots the festival has it all. As the festival is held in January, the chilliest month for Jaipur it’s a good idea to carry some warm clothes for the festival.

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  1. Diary

Record your dreams, goals and memories of JLF by carrying your very own diary to the festival. Write back home about your first sip of Diggi Chai or jot down notes of your favourite sessions or preserve the autograph of your favourite authors.

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  1. Book

Be sure to carry your books that you’d like signed by your favourite author at the festival. Don’t have the book at hand but still want to get it signed after the session? No problem! Visit the ‘Festival Bookstore’ to purchase the right book from a vast collection of all genres.

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  1. Power Bank

There is simply too much to capture at the lit fest! whether it is the perfect selfie with your favourite author or the vast crowds of JLF or even a jam-packed session or your favourite bands at the Music Stage.  Make sure you never run out of battery at the festival. Carry a power bank with you and never run out of charge.

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  1. Valid ID Proof

Once you have registered online, make sure you carry a valid Photo ID to the festival for smooth and hassle-free entry at the gates.

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Inspiration for the blog has been taken from the Zeejlflitfest Essentials Guide 101.

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