Jaipur gets the country’s first Lab of Future

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The Lab of Future

A groundbreaking initiative in the realm of space science and technology, the ‘Lab of Future’ is poised to leave an indelible mark on the country. A one-of-its-kind enterprise, this exceptional laboratory has first opened its doors in the Pink City. Guided by the expertise of renowned scientists and engineers from ISRO and NASA, the Lab of Future represents an unparalleled opportunity for students to learn and excel in a multitude of cutting-edge programs. From rocket design and launch, satellite design and launch, space and astronomy, to drone design, aeromodelling, robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, the lab aims to foster innovation and empower the next generation of pioneers.

Drawing inspiration from the visionary contributions of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha, and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the Lab of Future is steadfast in its commitment to enrich not only India’s space sector but also the global scientific community. By providing students with exposure to programs, events, and competitions hosted by esteemed institutions such as ISRO, NASA, and other renowned space agencies worldwide, the lab seeks to ignite a passion for scientific exploration.

Speaking about this ambitious initiative, Sourabh Kaushal, Director Innovation, Lab of Future, stated, “This project embodies a long-term, transformative vision, aiming to cultivate a culture of scientific curiosity throughout the country, starting from Jaipur. We are privileged to be mentored by esteemed scientists, researchers, and engineers from NASA, ISRO, CERN, and various other prestigious organizations, as we proudly bring these exceptional programs to school students. There is simply no comparable facility of its kind in the country.”

Arpit Dugar, Sourabh Kaushal and Raghav Sharma explain about
Lab of Future at a Presser

A Plethora of Opportunities Under One Roof

The Lab of Future caters to students aged 7 to 18, offering an array of tailored experiences. Children aged 7 to 9 can engage in STEAM projects and augmented reality-based space exploration. Similarly, those aged 9 to 11 can immerse themselves in the world of robotics, 3D printing, and gaming, as well as explore themes of virtual reality. For students aged 11 to 18, the lab provides a wide range of options, including space and astronomy programs, robotics, woodwork and carpentry, aeromodelling, the Internet of Things, and 3D printing. Older students, aged 14 to 18, can participate in specialized programs such as the HAB/CAN satellite initiative, multistage propeller rockets and electric vehicle design, flying chairs and wheelchairs, and more. Moreover, the Lab of Future offers additional recreational activities, such as the Asteroids Search Program, flying drones and quadcopters, VR games, the Infinity Walk, rocket design and assembly, augmented reality experiences, sky gazing, flying RC planes, and Spacenet Walking.

The Lab of Future

Programme durations range from 6 weeks to 24 weeks, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. To alleviate the burden on students’ regular school and coaching commitments, the students can avail the lab’s offerings for a maximum of 3 hours per week, with alternate day and weekend batches available. In addition to partnering with local schools to facilitate visits, the lab also provides teacher training programs. For outstation students, boot camps and residential programs are offered.

To bolster students’ confidence, the Lab of Future offers a wide range of enriching opportunities, including paid and unpaid projects, internships, mentorship programs, awareness workshops, and seminars. Furthermore, the lab fosters startup and entrepreneurial skills through collaboration with TedX.

Inauguration Ceremony

On 6th May, the lab was inaugurated by esteemed Chief Guest Dr. TP Sasikumar, a Space Scientist and former member of ISRO, alongside other eminent engineers and space enthusiasts. Students, teachers and parents from over 30 schools of Jaipur were also present to explore the lab. The lab of Future is heavily subsidized, making it pocket friendly for everyone. The lab offers an excellent opportunity for students to excel in the field of space science and technology, exposing them to a whole new world of opportunities.

Where: Lab of Future, D, 275, Saraswati Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur
Contact: +91-8107815275

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