Ladies learn to whip up some baked delicacies at Oven, The Bakery

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At a baking workshop held recently at the Ahimsa Circle situated Oven, The Bakery, the ladies learnt to whip up some lip smacking eggless baked delicacies. The experienced Chef Arvind taught the ladies how to make cookies, cupcakes as well as mango pudding in what seemed like a jiffy.

The participants of the workshop also did a hands-on-training for icing. And they did a pretty good job garnishing the cupcakes!



Some tips from Chef Arvind

    • Make sure the oven is at the accurate required temperature before you put anything to bake. 


  • All equipment and ingredients should be ready before hand.
  • The tray and moulds should be greased properly so that the cake does not stick to the base or sides and can be easily taken out. 
  • The greased moulds and trays should be stored in the refrigerator as it would aid in easy de-moulding. 
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