Top 5 Elegant Kinds of Wedding Lehengas in Jaipur
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Weddings come up with the stress of wearing the best in every traditional function whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, every girl or woman out there wants to possess at least one lehenga in her marriage wardrobe

And when we talk about lehengas, how can we forget The traditional rich and famous Rajasthani culture and specifical Lehengas in Jaipur. So, to make your wedding as elegant as yours, we have brought you the top five kinds of wedding Lehenga of Jaipur. Let’s explore what these are.

5 Top Most Famous Lehengas in Jaipur

Here are some very famous Lehengas of Jaipur. Let’s have a look! 

1. Jaipuri Lehenga Choli

First on our classical list is Jaipuri lehenga choli. Made up of sumptuous fabric and hand-made embroidery, this kind is the best choice for any function of marriage. Green, orange, pink and blue are the most common colours of cholis

2. Jaipuri Bandhej Lehenga

A popular kind of Jaipuri lehenga with robust work of Rajasthani embroidery. Zardozi work by craftspeople has been done on this kind of lehengas. It is then outlined by various coloured Gotta patties. All you need to learn is the specific way of wearing it and then rock the marriage function.

3. Jaipuri Kalidar or Pat Ghagra

A specific different graceful kind of Jaipuri ghagra is named Kalidar or Pat ghagra the only difference between both of them is that in the pat ghagra, the long skirt is made up of many rectangular divisions of material sewn together with knife folds at the abdomen. 

On the other hand, the Kalidar skirt is made up of vertical folds that are triangular these divisions then stitched together to blaze at the joint.

Kalidar is usually found in oranges or red colours the pat viagra speciality is that its borders are hand-made up of silk and satin. Kalipatti ghagra, another type, is the combination of both kalidar and pat ghagra. It is more inexpensive than the other two. You can try either of them for a luminous wedding.

4. Jaipuri Cotton Lehenga

The Jaipuri cotton Lehenga should be your choice if you have a wedding to attend in the summer. It is a comfortable non-sweaty kind and, at the same time, gives an elegant look to your outfit for the wedding. There are two ways to wear this decent Lehenga. You can wear it either with or without a Rajasthani worked dupatta.

5. Jaipuri Gotta Patti Lehanga

The simple on every but neat Heavy Rajasthani craftsmen work on the gotta stick on the borders of either choli or dupatta. You can pair your Lehenga with Silver jewellery or Rajasthani jewellery. Long Jhumka and short necklaces are the most worn kind of Jewellery with such Lehenga.


Hence these were the top five elegant kinds of Wedding lehengas in Jaipur. All these are glittering gorgeous. Even Bollywood actors had a Rajasthani wedding, and you wore Jaipuri lehengas. You can opt for any of them according to your preferences and shine brighter in any radiant wedding.

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