Lifestyle Exhibition ‘Hidden Treasures’ Begins Tomorrow At SMS Convention Centre

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The 2nd edition of Lifestyle show—‘Hidden Treasures’ will begin in Jaipur from tomorrow at SMS Convention Centre. The mega event will be on till 14 October. Curated by the entrepreneur-duo Saloni Bhandari and Richa Singh, the show will be home to as many as 100 exhibitors. These exhibitors will include numerous fashion labels, start-ups, eco & organic brands, NGOs, food and beverage outlets, among others. From well-acclaimed fashion designers to budding entrepreneurs and hidden talents from all over the country, Hidden Treasures will be the perfect platform for all.

Some of the major attractions for the show will be – MuchtoLuv, Oceedee, Padamshree M. Tayeb Khan, Patan Patola by Salvi Family, Pratapgarh Collections and Kisneel by Pam. Themed on hues of pink and red, the show will also feature live music performance by ‘Hrithik and Chronicles’ on 13 October evening. A food court will also be set up where shoppers can try out lip-smacking eats and drinks from outlets like Bistro 91, Fat Lulu’s, GoUnjunk,  Kesar, Chef Social and Arshi’s Café.


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