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Make Up Artist in Jaipur
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Gone are the days of beauty parlours and salons to glam up for your D-Day. Make Up by professional make up artists is a trend that is fast picking pace in Jaipur. Here is a little chit-chat with one of the most popular make up artist in Jaipur – Shriya Pardal.

A student of fine arts, Shriya was fascinated with make up since childhood. After doing a professional make up course from Fat Mu, Mumbai, Shriya went on to do a course in professional hair styling. To gain more professional knowledge in air brush, Shriya also did a course from Make Up Forever Academy, Singapore. It is worth noting that she has trained under the celebrity make up artist, Ojas Rajani as well.

“Even though salons have trained staff for make up but they do not hold a specialization in this field. Thus, these days women prefer to go to make up artists for their bridal make ups”, says Shriya who has now been working as a make up artist in Jaipur since three years.

Telling about how Jaipur has received the trend of make up artists, Shriya says that it was indeed a risk taking venture to begin as a fresher in a tier II city. However, since Jaipur is a hot destination for weddings and there was huge gap to be filled in the arena of make up artists, my work received a great response, adds Shriya.

The Make Up Diva -- Shriya Pardal
The Make Up Diva — Shriya Pardal

Except a hairstylist to help her, Shriya is a one woman make up squad. Even though the demand for her work is increasing, Shriya does not intend to collaborate or hire any other make up artists as she does not want to risk spoiling her name. Even though this restricts her number of make ups to three per day, the young make up professional does not seem to mind it all as she stands for quality over quantity.

Shedding light on the recent trends for make up, Shriya says that subtle and sober make up is the in thing instead of gaudy bridal make up. Using matte finished products and air brush technique is the best way to get a flawless and subtle yet classy look. “While my favourite make up brands are Chanel, NARS and Make Up Forever, retails brands like Revlon and Lakme are also quite good and well suited for the Indian skin type”, shares Shriya.

Make Up By Shriya Pardal
Make Up By Shriya Pardal

When it comes to lip colours, one can never go wrong with peach, tones of pink, dusty rose, shades of lilac and plums. Highlighters that brighten and illuminate high points of one’s face can be complemented with vibrant sheer blushes. One must take care that the make up is blended well and matches one’s skin tones be it the eye shadow, concealer or the foundation, adds Shriya.

It is quite commendable that by using only social media platforms and word of mouth publicity, Shriya has made a big name for herself in the city. Now she has also started taking DIY self make up classes at her studio which is essentially a 4 hour class divided over two days. In order to give personalized attention and detailed lessons, Shriya only takes one student per class.

Make Up By Shriya Pardal
Make Up By Shriya Pardal

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