#ART EXHIBITION With the objective of inspiring, promoting, and supporting the art caliber of the former students of Mayo College, the Mayo College Alumni Artists have organize a week-long art exhibition at the Welcome Art Gallery of ITC Rajputana.
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After stunning the students and parents with their first-of-its-kind art exhibition in Ajmer recently, the Mayo College Alumni Artists (MAA) are captivating the audiences with their latest exhibition at the Welcome Art Gallery of Hotel ITC Rajputana. The exhibition, which runs from 14th to 21st March, showcases the talents of 24 artists and features a diverse range of art forms, including watercolours, pen and ink, acrylic on canvas, embroidery on canvas, charcoal, mixed media, and more.

The art exhibition is being held in the memory of former Mayo Teacher, Ramesh Mathur. Mathur also studied at Mayo and learnt oil painting from BC Gue during his tenure as a student at the school. This inspired him to develop a lifelong love for art and helped him become an artist in his own right. He excelled in painting rural landscapes, sea scapes and ships and his art work is also on display at the exhibition.

Artwork by Late Ramesh Mathur

The exhibition features a range of evocative artworks, with Natashha Bishnoii’s paintings drawing inspiration from nature and wildlife. Her painting titled ‘Nora’ captures the essence of kinnow orchards in Punjab, with the subject peering out from behind a veil of kinnow leaves.

Artwork by Natshha Bishnoii

Similarly, Rohini Singh’s work is influenced by her kitchen garden, where she observes nature’s details and incorporates them into her art.

Artwork by Rohini Singh

Harshi Agarwal, a doodle artist, has a love for animals evident in her paintings. Her intricate pen and ink work with gold foiling has resulted in a series of paintings depicting funny highland cows, which are also her best sellers.

Artwork by Harshi Agarwal

Meanwhile, Hemender Singh Vedsa’s work, which also features wildlife and horses as his muse, uses charcoal and graphite as his medium of choice. He is also trying to keep the dying art of miniature painting alive, with one of his works showcasing a procession in the miniature style work from Dungarpur school.

Artwork in Dungarpur style of miniature painting by Hemender Singh Vedsa

The exhibition promises to be a delightful feast for art enthusiasts, with artists’ unique styles, techniques, and inspirations on display. The event was inaugurated by former student and actor Rahul Singh, with Admiral Madhavendra Singh and Renu Mathur, the wife of the late Ramesh Mathur, in attendance as guests of honour. Rahul Singh praised the artists and their artwork, stating that this exhibition is an excellent initiative to encourage artists and provide them with a platform to showcase their art. He also encouraged Mayo Alumni to organize such events every year.

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