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Fashion is for men too
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When one hears or thinks about the word ‘fashion’, our mind naturally creates imagery of tall and swanky female models walking up the ramps and runaways donning the season’s most trending outfits. Similarly, the domain of fashion bloggers and influencers has been a predominantly female-centered one with women showcasing the best of the world of fashion and beauty. However, in the past few years, there is a growing trend of male fashion and beauty influencers taking on their social media to inspire other men to experiment with their style and groom their looks. It is incredible to see how these influencers are making their way into a predominantly female-centered market and breaking the status quo with their fashion advice and stylistic inspiration. We spoke to some men fashion bloggers from Jaipur to know more about what goes in the making of men’s fashion influencers and their stories will leave you inspired no matter your gender or style.

Men’s perception of style is changing

A 21-year-old digital marketer, Rohan Bansal wanted to be a fashion model since childhood. His childhood dream eventually turned him into a fashion influencer as he loved posting his photographs on social media and gradually he built an audience for the minimal fashion style he endorses. “ I want to be a model but I didn’t know how to take the first step towards this career path so I started posting my pictures on social media and I got appreciation from the audience as well as brands started approaching me for collaborations”, shares Rohan throwing light on how he started his fashion influencer career.

Adding his thoughts on the scope of men’s fashion, Rohan says: “Earlier I used to feel there is a limited choice when it comes to men’s apparel. However, with increased exposure owing to social media, men are changing their perception of style and experimenting with more looks like cropped t-shirts, baggy jeans, hoodies etc. This leaves us with a lot of scope for creating men’s fashion content.”

Men fashion bloggers from Jaipur
Rohan Bansal

Quality and Consistency is Key

While initially, the 26-year-old Karan Goyal felt like an odd one out in the field of fashion blogging, with time he saw that if one puts in hard work consistently, it can be an equally beneficial space for both men and women. “It cannot be denied that both men and women prefer to look at female fashion bloggers more than men, however”, opines Karan.

A stern believer in the mantra of confidence over clothes, Karan too started his influencer career with the ambition of getting a breakthrough in the modeling industry.  “It began as an online portfolio sharing for the purpose of modeling and acting, which then became a medium to educate men about lifestyle and fashion. Now I also make content related to self-improvement”, shares Karan while talking about how he began blogging.

Men Fashion Bloggers from Jaipur
Karan Goyal

Trolling is the biggest challenge

In 2015, Shalom Singh got a modeling gig which infused him with confidence and inspired him to take up fashion blogging. He creates interesting content and videos around Make-Up, Traditional Indian attire as well as cooking and believes that if one’s content is unique and stands out from the crowd, success is certain.

For him, the biggest challenge in his journey as a fashion influencer has been trolling. “When I started posting about fashion and make-up, I had to face a lot of trolls and abuse from people. People used derogatory terms like ‘chakka’ for me because I used to wear make-up and wear feminine clothing, per se. But gradually I realized that there are many people who are appreciating my effort so I looked at the positive side and continued doing what I loved and sharing it with others.”

Giving a styling tip for men, Shalom says: “Always wear something in which you are comfortable. Groom yourself well and feel beautiful.”

Shalom Singh

Need to popularize men’s fashion

The 23-year-old Tushar Mehta, started out as a food blogger but his love for fashion made him expand his purview of blogging and include fashion, lifestyle and travel content as well. But he feels that the domain of men’s fashion lacks the kind of preference and importance that female fashion gets.

“People are not ready yet to accept the idea of men’s fashion. Most of the men themselves follow a monotonous style and don’t want to experiment. There is a need for more male-centric fashion shows and initiatives on the digital platform as well for popularizing men’s fashion and lifestyle”, says Tushar.

Giving a tip to aspiring men fashion influencers, Tushar adds: “First understand your audience and build a unique point of view. Pick an interesting theme and make images the star of your blog. Blogging is a viable career option but requires patience and hard work. As a blogger you can have a massive positive influence over people, make yourself a brand and be your own boss. However, it does take time to make money out of blogging.”  

Tushar Mehta

Do let us know who is your favourite from the men fashion bloggers in Jaipur!

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