Mompreneurs from Jaipur share their stories on Mother’s Day

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From taking care of every little need of their children and family to acing their goals at work, mothers have a unique superpower that makes it all look like a cakewalk. If you’re looking for day care options, check out here! But in reality, it involves a lot of multi-tasking, prioritizing and even sacrificing. We spoke to some ‘Mompreneurs’ from Jaipur to find out what challenges they face as working mothers, what keeps them going and how they balance their numerous roles at home and at work whilst not losing their own identity and sanity in the process. While most of them consider the paucity of time or rather time-management to be their biggest challenge, they believe support from their husbands – be it in domestic chores, business logistics or bringing up their children — has been paramount in their successful journey as a Mompreneur.

Patience and Discipline is the key

A mother of two kids and two enterprises – Jaimini and Kashmir Rare, Manjot Chawla finds a paucity of time to be a challenge on certain days but believes that God has blessed women with a superpower to multitask wherein they just manage to juggle all that they truly love. However, a disciplined routine and patience is mandatory to strike that balance, she adds

Talking about what keeps her going, Manjot says: “My husband and my mother have always had my back – be it for my professional requirements or personal needs. Having that kind of unflinching support allows you to slowly take steps towards your dreams and aspirations.”

mompreneurs from Jaipur
Manjot Chawla with her son Fareed and daughter Inaya

Mother-in-law is the biggest support

For Riccha Singh, her mother-in-law has been the biggest strength and she credits her successful journey of running as many as three diverse businesses to her. “I started my work some 15 years ago after my son started going to school. This was the time I had some free time in hand and wanted to utilize it purposefully. My mother-in-law gave me the wind beneath my wings to fly while she managed the home front for me completely. I was able to concentrate on my business with ease without having to be bothered about the daily homely chores”, shares Riccha.

Giving a word of advice to aspiring mompreneurs, she says: “Take the first step in faith, you don’t need to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step! “

Riccha Singh with her son Adhiraj

Only a happy mother can keep her family happy

According to this article published here, a dentist by profession and a mother of two children, Dr. Deepti Agarwal set up her own dental clinic when she was eight months pregnant. Since then the only time she has taken a break from work was during childbirth.  

“Work brings me happiness and that helps me to keep my family happy too. I usually take appointments in the morning when my children are at school. There have been times when I had to leave my children alone at home for long intervals owing to my erratic work schedule but they respect my work and also help me with daily chores at home as they know I have a responsibility towards my patients as well”, tells the mompreneur.

 However, Dr. Deepti does make it a point to indulge in self-care, quality family time, meditation and workouts to keep things well-balanced. “A mother is the axis of the family and her sound mind and body will keep the family moving just right”, she further adds.

Dr. Deepti Agarwal with her daughters Pari and Pihu

Being a mother has taught me multi-tasking

The Founder of Molly Moo Ice Creams, Shweta Khurana believes that being a mother has instilled in her the skill to multi-task and has also made her more empathetic and compassionate to everyone around her. “Women are expected to work like they don’t have children and raise children like they don’t have work. Each day is a different challenge in a mother’s world. But when you are a mother you are automatically geared to multi-task and each challenge needs to be embraced with grace and a strong will. A supportive family goes a long way in helping women realize their dreams”, opines Shweta.

Shweta Khurana bonds over cooking with her daughters, Nishtha and Ira

Your WHYs put everything in place

A Learning & Development Professional, Shweta Ahluwalia believes that having clear answers to Why’ puts everything in place. “In my mind, my answers to Why I wanted to be a mother, Why I wanted to initiate the venture and Why the world should take me seriously was firmly etched. For me, being a mother is a strength and the journey of being a mompreneur is not a challenge but a work of art”, she shares. She considers her mother to be her anchor. 

Shweta Ahluwalia at her workplace

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