Mother’s Day is Here Again!!

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It’s that time of year again, when the World celebrates Mothers.

They feed us, pamper us, wipe our tears, darn our tears, and are always ready to lend an ear to our raves and rants.

So, on the one day in the year that we get to celebrate HER, we should go ALL OUT and do it well.

If you haven’t decided what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day this year, here’s a list to help you decide.

Full Day Spa Package

A day at the Spa with a relaxing Body Massage and a rejuvenating Facial is the perfect gift for the ever-busy mother who never makes time for herself. Treat her to a day spent on herself, because who deserves it better than a Mom. And if you want to make it better, just add Mani-Pedis for the both of you. Relaxation + Attention = Absolute Satisfaction!

House Plants and Planters

If your mother has a green thumb, get her some pretty planters with succulents or perennials. Just make sure that the plants you pick are low maintenance. We don’t want to add to her already busy workload!

Personal Shopper/Make Over

A great idea for those super busy Moms who always put themselves last. Book a Make-Over session for her and/or get her a Personal Shopper to vamp up that wardrobe dating back to the 90’s. After all, making her feel good about herself is the main objective of this day.

Lunch Date with the Girlfriends

Why limit yourself to just ONE mother? Let’s go all out and plan a Ladies Lunch for your Mother and all her Mommy Friends. Let them indulge in Good Food, maybe some Wine and a hardcore Gossip session and end up maximizing the blessings you receive. Win Win all the way!!

Flowers & Cake

Old fashioned, cliched, unimaginative, whatever you call it – Flowers & Cake are the perfect gift for any mother (make that ANY woman!) Get her a ginormous bouquet of her favorite blooms and a decadent cake to celebrate HER day. Believe me, she’ll thank you for it.

Do let us know which idea you picked and don’t forget to like, share, tag us in your social media pictures to get featured.

Who knows…?

…this Mother’s Day could be your Lucky Day too!!

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