Holiday Inn’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill has a New Menu for Jaipur

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Holiday Inn’s in-house bar, ‘Roadhouse Bar & Grill’ welcomes the foodies of Jaipur with a tantalising new menu. One can experience tantalizing new flavours along with hand-crafted drinks in an ambience that exuded elegance and style. ‘Roadhouse’ reinvigorates both pub culture and dining with a menu re-launch that includes signature dishes like Kadak Masala Roomali, Marwari Paneer Tikka, Zaituni Murgh Tusli Seekh, Phat Hi Malai, Chicken Tikka & Olive and much more. These culinary delights can be well-paired with signature drinks like the Roadhouse Refresher, Zombie, Mexican Bulldog, among others. The guests also enjoyed popular Bollywood numbers by the Musafir’s Band.

The menu offers a wide variety of delectable dishes and delicious drinks for the guests to choose from. Roadhouse also serves as the perfect spot to indulge in some quality time with friends and family. The food and drinks have been carefully handpicked from across the globe to mirror new culinary trends.

The menu of ‘Roadhouse’ has been specially curated to suit the modern palate. With small plates, samplers and ‘shared plates’ one can enjoy many dishes with friends, family and colleagues. Some Pub Classics like Bangers and Mash, Bunny Chow and all-time favourite Mezzeh are a definite must-try. The Bar & Grill also makes sure to add Indian flavour to the recipes with dishes like Kadak Masala Roomali, Marwari Paneer Tikka marinated with Mathania Mirch and Desi Tadka Risotto.

The bar has been conceptualised to encapsulate their large selection of drinks, scintillating cocktails like LIIT, infused liquor and specially curated cocktails like Deconstructed Mango Colada, Monsterpolitan. Along with food and drinks, guests can also enjoy the rhythm of Roadhouse’s signature music with their in-house DJ belting out some foot-tapping tunes.

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