This newly opened outlet in Vaishali Nagar is the one-stop-shop for all gourmet products

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 The popular one-stop gourmet grocery store of Jaipur, ‘The Country Store’  have launched their Vaishali Nagar branch in Jaipur recently. The Store has more than 15,000 quality food and beverages, vegetarian and non-vegetarian products in its collection. The only female grocery retailer in Rajasthan, Ms. Ankita Nagpal Sharma said that the store aims to make available a large variety of food products at rates cheaper than its other competitors.

The Country Store is known for stocking unique and exclusive products like Japanese Sushi kits, Vanilla pods from Madagascar, Scottish cheese, German seeds, Houston chips and French jam. Presently, the store has been operating in the buzzing area of C-scheme in Jaipur for almost 3 years. They also house the biggest range of cheese, chocolates and some products which are exclusive to this store in Rajasthan.

The Vaishali Nagar store has a self-help coffee shop, where customers and brew up their favourite caffeine concoction. Not only this, people are also able to purchase fresh vegetables from the market section of the store. This includes organic and imported varieties of vegetables.

So go get your shopping list ready, already!

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