Now a Live 24/7 Bakery in Jaipur

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Jaipur is all set to experience a first and one of its kind live 24/7 bakery — Zolocrust — which recently opened at Hotel Clarks Amer in Jaipur.

What makes this restaurant unique is its ‘chef only’ concept. The bakery is run 24/7 by only chefs — right from taking orders to serving the dish to the customers, to cleaning and in fact, even dish-washing is all done by the chefs. Furthermore, unlike the other eateries, this new venture does not just have a live kitchen but the entire bakery including the dish washing area is visible to the guests.


From hot and cold soups and salads to pizzas and sandwiches to sumptuous desserts, Zolocrust offers you a wide array of eats to choose from. With around 20 chefs working here, this place also caters to the needs of those who prefer gluten free, vegan, eggless or even a dairy free diet. Apart from the vibrant and colorful ambience, what adds to the uniqueness of this place is the fact that the food is served here in a special kind of disposable crockery.


“The restaurant use the highest quality and freshest of raw materials, mostly grown within the hotel campus to prepare the delicacies. Moreover, we have used state of the art technology and equipment mostly imported from Germany, Switzerland and Spain to provide the best tools and working environment for the chefs.”, informed Mr. Arjun Kumar, who is the brainchild behind this exclusive idea.


Do let us know about your experience at Zolocrust!


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