A Sunday brunch in Jaipur you can’t miss out on!

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A brunch essentially means a playful combination of breakfast and lunch. It is usually characterized by a cheerful and sociable gathering of people. Typical brunch food consists of sweet foods like pancakes, waffles and French toasts along with some savoury dishes. Nowadays, many restaurants and hotels have been introducing the concept of brunch owing to its popularity and are using unique ideas to appeal to a larger mass of people. From a special menu for kids is also included in the brunch along with wine, beer and cocktails like bloody marys, bellinis and mimosas to tap the youth.

Historically speaking, the concept of brunch was introduced in the 19th century England among the British upper classes. On Sundays members of the wealthy families would give their servants a day off, after getting a buffet meal prepared from which they could eat throughout the day. On the other hand, some food historians also posit that Sunday brunch derives from the practice of Catholics fasting before mass sitting down for a large midday meal.  However, later brunching became more of a fashion statement. From being a wealth and fashion statement, brunches are now associated with a large section of people.

In the past few years, Jaipur has witnessed a many fitful attempts by several five star luxury hotels as well as smaller eateries to introduce brunches. However, these attempts did not really take off and after a few weeks the brunch scenes gradually fizzled out. Recently Hotel Marriott’s restaurant Okra has made a concerted move for making the brunch scenario popular in the city.

Telling more about the brunch, Executive Chef Pradipt Sinha says: “The brunch features live food counters for pizzas, pastas, waffles and pancakes. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies from cuisines from the world over like Arabian, French, Italian, Pan Asian, Indian, among others are on offer. Since Japanese cuisine is the USP of Okra, the spread also has live counters for Japanese delicacies like sushi and teppanayaki.”

He further added that the brunches will be based on particular themes which will keep changing in a month or two. Going with the theme, the current theme for the brunch is mango. One can thus enjoy mango based drinks like aam panna, mango milkshake, mango sushi, cakes and a host of other delicacies made using mango.

Also in store are other dishes like local chaat, pita bread and hummus, dimsums as well as make your own soup and salad counter. One can also order eggs and dosas according to one’s taste and preference. The dessert counter features a mélange of over 50 Indian as well as Western desserts like cakes, cookies, bavarois, ras malai, gulab jamun, among others. The buffet also has a special counter for kids which offers eats like candy floss, pop corns, chocolate cups, macaroons, decorated cookies, among others.

Apart from food, other major attractions for the brunch include a dedicated kids play area, live retro classical music as well as access to the swimming pool which otherwise is restricted for the in house guests. It would thus be apt to say that Okra has found just the right balance between breakfast as well as lunch foods and paired it with an inciting ambience.  Sweep away the negativity of the previous week and prep up for a brand new week on a lively note with the luscious Sunday brunch at Okra, Marriott.

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